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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / Revelation

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Jude Revelation

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

1 And Y sai newe heuene and newe erthe; for the firste heuene and the firste erthe wenten awei, and the see is not now.

2 And Y Joon say the hooli citee Jerusalem, newe, comynge doun fro heuene, maad redi of God, as a wijf ourned to hir hosebonde.

3 And Y herde a greet vois fro the trone, seiynge, Lo! the tabernacle of God is with men, and he schal dwelle with hem; and thei schulen be his puple, and he God with hem schal be her God.

4 And God schal wipe awei ech teer fro the iyen of hem; and deth schal no more be, nether mornyng, nether criyng, nether sorewe schal be ouer; whiche `firste thingis wenten awei.

5 And he seide, that sat in the trone, Lo! Y make alle thingis newe. And he seide to me, Write thou, for these wordis ben moost feithful and trewe.

6 And he seide to me, It is don; I am alpha and oo, the bigynnyng and ende. Y schal yyue freli of the welle of quic watir to hym that thirsteth.

7 He that schal ouercome, schal welde these things; and Y schal be God to hym, and he schal be sone to me.

Revelation 21:7 - New Jerusalem, Alpha and Omega
New Jerusalem, Alpha and Omega
8 But to ferdful men, and vnbileueful, and cursid, and manquelleris, and fornycatouris, and to witchis, and worschiperis of idols, and to alle lieris, the part of hem shal be in the pool brennynge with fier and brymstoon, that is the secounde deth.

9 And oon cam of the seuene aungels, hauynge violis fulle of `seuene the laste veniauncis. And he spak with me, and seide, Come thou, and Y schal schewe to thee the spousesse, the wijf of the lomb.

10 And he took me vp in spirit in to a greet hille and hiy; and he schewide to me the hooli citee Jerusalem, comynge doun fro heuene of God,

11 hauynge the clerete of God; and the liyt of it lijk a preciouse stoon, as the stoon iaspis, as cristal.

12 And it hadde a walle greet and hiy, hauynge twelue yatis, and in the yatis of it twelue aungels, and names writun in, that ben the names of twelue lynagis of the sones of Israel; fro the east thre yatis,

13 and fro the north thre yatis, and fro the south thre yatis, and fro the west thre yatis.

14 And the wal of the citee hadde twelue foundementis, and in hem the twelue names of twelue apostlis, and of the lomb.

15 And he that spak with me, hadde a goldun mesure of a rehed, that he schulde mete the citee, and the yatis of it, and the wal.

16 And the citee was set in square; and the lengthe of it is so miche, `as miche as is the breede. And he mat the citee with the rehed, bi furlongis twelue thousyndis. And the heiythe, and the lengthe and breede of it, ben euene.

17 And he mat the wallis of it, of an hundrid and `foure and fourti cubitis, bi mesure of man, that is, of an aungel.

18 And the bildyng of the wal therof was of the stoon iaspis. And the citee it silf was clene gold, lijk clene glas.

19 And the foundementis of the wal of the citee weren ourned with al preciouse stoon. The firste foundement, iaspis; the secounde, safiris; the thridde, calcedonyus; the fourthe, smaragdus;

20 the fyuethe, sardony; the sixte, sardius; the seuenthe, crisolitus; the eiytthe, berillus; the nynthe, topacius; the tenthe, crisopassus; the eleuenthe, iacinctus; the tweluethe, ametistus.

21 And twelue yatis ben twelue margaritis, bi ech; `and ech yate was of ech margarete. And the stretis of the citee weren clene gold, as of glas ful schynynge.

22 And Y say no temple in it, for the Lord God almyyti and the lomb, is temple of it.

23 And the citee hath no nede of sunne, nethir moone, that thei schyne in it; for the clerete of God schal liytne it; and the lomb is the lanterne of it.

24 And folkis schulen walke in liyt of it; and the kyngis of the erthe schulen brynge her glorie and onour in to it.

25 And the yatis of it schulen not be closid bi dai; and niyt schal not be there.

26 And thei schulen brynge the glorie and onour of folkis in to it.

27 Nether ony man defoulid, and doynge abhominacioun and leesyng, schal entre in to it; but thei that ben writun in the book of lijf and of the lomb.

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