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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / Revelation

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Jude Revelation

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

1 And Y sai a beeste stiynge vp of the see, hauynge seuene heedis, and ten hornes; and on hise hornes ten diademes, and on hise heedis the names of blasfemye.

2 And the beeste, whom Y sai, was lijk a pard, and hise feet as the feet of a beere, and his mouth as the mouth of a lioun; and the dragoun yaf his vertu and greet power to hym.

3 And Y sai oon of hise heedis, as slayn in to deth; and the wounde of his deth was curid. And al erthe wondride after the beeste.

4 And thei worschipiden the dragoun, that yaf power to the beeste; and thei worschipeden the beeste, and seiden, Who is lijk the beeste, and who schal mowe fiyte with it?

5 And a mouth spekynge grete thingis, and blasfemyes, was youun `to it; and power was youun to it, to do two and fourti monethis.

6 And it openyde his mouth in to blasfemyes to God, to blasfeme his name, and his tabernacle, and hem that dwellen in heuene.

7 And it was youun to hym to make batel with seyntis, and to ouercome hem; and power was youun to hym in to ech lynage, and puple, and langage, and folk.

8 And alle men worschipiden it, that dwellen in erthe, whos names ben not writun in the book of lijf of the lomb, that was slayn fro the bigynnyng of the world.

9 If ony man hath eeris, here he.

10 He that ledith in to caitifte, schal go in to caitifte; he that sleeth with swerd, it bihoueth hym to be slayn with swerd. This is the pacience and the feith of seyntis.

11 And Y sai another beeste stiynge vp fro the erthe, and it hadde two hornes, lijk the lomb; and it spak as the dragoun,

12 and dide al the power of the formere beeste, in his siyt. And it made the erthe, and men dwellinge in it, to worschipe the firste beeste, whos wounde of deth was curid.

13 And it dide grete signes, that also it made fier to come doun fro heuene in to the erthe, in the siyt of alle men.

14 And it disseyueth men, that dwellen in erthe, for signes whiche ben youun `to it to do in the siyt of the beeste; seiynge to men dwellinge in erthe, that thei make an ymage of the beeste, that hath the wounde of swerd, and lyuede.

15 And it was youun to hym, that he schulde yyue spirit to the ymage of the beeste, and that the ymage of the beeste speke. And he schal make, that who euere honouren not the ymage of the beeste, be slayn.

16 And he schal make alle, smale and grete, and riche and pore, and fre men and bonde men, to haue a carecter in her riythoond, ethir in her forheedis; that no man may bie,

17 ethir sille, but thei han the caracter, ether the name of the beeste, ethir the noumbre of his name.

18 Here is wisdom; he that hath vndurstonding, acounte the noumbre of the beeste; for it is the noumbre of man, and his noumbre is sixe hundrid sixti and sixe.

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