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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / James

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Hebrews James 1 Peter

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5

1 Do now, ye riche men, wepe ye, yellinge in youre wretchidnessis that schulen come to you.

2 Youre richessis ben rotun, and youre clothis ben etun of mouytis.

3 Youre gold and siluer hath rustid, and the rust of hem schal be to you in to witnessyng, and schal ete youre fleischis, as fier. Ye han tresourid to you wraththe in the last daies.

4 Lo! the hire of youre werke men, that repiden youre feeldis, which is fraudid of you, crieth; and the cry of hem hath entrid in to the eeris of the Lord of oostis.

5 Ye han ete on the erthe, and in youre letcheries ye han nurschid youre hertis. In the dai of sleyng ye brouyten,

6 and slowen the iust man, and he ayenstood not you.

7 Therfor, britheren, be ye pacient, til to the comyng of the Lord. Lo! an erthetilier abidith preciouse fruyt of the erthe, paciently suffrynge, til he resseyue `tymeful and lateful fruyt.

8 And be ye pacient, and conferme ye youre hertis, for the comyng of the Lord schal neiye.

9 Britheren, nyle ye be sorewful ech to other, that ye be not demed. Lo! the iuge stondith niy bifor the yate.

10 Britheren, take ye ensaumple of yuel goyng out, and of long abidyng, and trauel, and of pacience, the prophetis, that speken to you in the name of the Lord.

11 Lo! we blessen hem that suffriden. Ye herden the `suffring, ethir pacience, of Joob, and ye sayn the ende of the Lord, for the Lord is merciful, and doynge merci.

12 Bifor alle thingis, my britheren, nyle ye swere, nether bi heuene, nether bi erthe, nethir bi what euere other ooth. But be youre word Yhe, yhe, Nay, nay, that ye fallen not vndir doom.

13 And if ony of you is sorewful, preye he with pacient soule, and seie he a salm.

14 If ony of you is sijk, lede he in preestis of the chirche, and preie thei for hym, and anoynte with oile in the name of the Lord;

15 and the preier of feith schal saue the sijk man, and the Lord schal make hym liyt; and if he be in synnes, thei schulen be foryouun to hym.

16 Therfor knouleche ye ech to othere youre synnes, and preye ye ech for othere, that ye be sauyd. For the contynuel preyer of a iust man is myche worth.

17 Elye was a deedli man lijk vs, and in preier he preiede, that it schulde not reyne on the erthe, and it reynede not thre yeeris and sixe monethis.

18 And eftsoone he preiede, and heuene yaf reyn, and the erthe yaf his fruyt.

19 And, britheren, if ony of you errith fro trewthe, and ony conuertith hym,

20 he owith to wite, that he that makith a synner to be turned fro the errour of his weye, schal saue the soule of hym fro deth, and keuereth the multitude of synnes.

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