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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / Hebrews

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Philemon Hebrews James

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

1 Therfor we that han so greet a cloude of witnessis put to, do we awei al charge, and synne stondinge aboute vs, and bi pacience renne we to the batel purposid to vs,

2 biholdinge in to the makere of feith, and the perfit endere, Jhesu; which whanne ioye was purposid to hym, he suffride the cros, and dispiside confusioun, and sittith on the riythalf of the seet of God.

3 And bithenke ye on hym that suffride siche `ayen seiynge of synful men ayens hym silf, that ye be not maad wery, failinge in youre soulis.

4 For ye ayenstoden not yit `til to blood, fiytyng ayens synne.

5 And ye han foryet the coumfort that spekith to you as to sones, and seith, My sone, nyle thou dispise the teching of the Lord, nether be thou maad weri, the while thou art chastisid of hym.

6 For the Lord chastisith hym that he loueth; he betith euery sone that he resseyueth.

7 Abide ye stille in chastising; God proferith hym to you as to sones. For what sone is it, whom the fadir chastisith not?

8 That if ye `ben out of chastising, whos parteneris ben ye alle maad, thanne ye ben auowtreris, and not sones.

9 And aftirward we hadden fadris of oure fleisch, techeris, and we with reuerence dredden hem. Whethir not myche more we schulen obeische to the fadir of spiritis, and we schulen lyue?

10 And thei in tyme of fewe dayes tauyten vs bi her wille; but this fadir techith to that thing that is profitable, in resseyuynge the halewing of hym.

11 And ech chastisyng in present tyme semeth to be not of ioye, but of sorewe; but aftirward it schal yelde fruyt of riytwisnesse moost pesible to men exercisid bi it.

12 For whiche thing reise ye slowe hondis,

13 and knees vnboundun, and make ye riytful steppis to youre feet; that no man haltinge erre, but more be heelid.

14 Sue ye pees with alle men, and holynesse, with out which no man schal se God.

15 Biholde ye, that no man faile to the grace of God, that no roote of bittirnesse buriownynge vpward lette, and manye ben defoulid bi it;

16 that no man be letchour, ether vnhooli, as Esau, which for o mete seelde hise firste thingis.

17 For wite ye, that afterward he coueitinge to enherite blessing, was repreued. For he foond not place of penaunce, thouy he souyte it with teeris.

18 But ye han not come to the fier able to be touchid, and able to come to, and to the whirlewynd, and myst, and tempest, and soun of trumpe, and vois of wordis;

19 which thei that herden, excusiden hem, that the word schulde not be maad to hem.

20 For thei beren not that that was seid, And if a beeste touchide the hil, it was stonyd.

21 And so dredeful it was that was seyn, that Moises seide, Y am a ferd, and ful of trembling.

22 But ye han come nyy to the hil Sion, and to the cite of God lyuynge, the heuenli Jerusalem, and to the multitude of many thousynde aungels,

23 and to the chirche of the firste men, whiche ben writun in heuenes, and to God, domesman of alle, and to the spirit of iust perfit men,

24 and to Jhesu, mediatour of the newe testament, and to the sprenging of blood, `betere spekinge than Abel.

25 Se ye, that ye forsake not the spekere; for if thei that forsaken him that spak on the erthe, aschapide not, myche more we that turnen awei fro him that spekith to vs fro heuenes.

26 Whos vois than mouyde the erthe, but now he ayen bihetith, and seith, Yit onys and Y schal moue not oneli erthe, but also heuene.

27 And that he seith, Yit onys, he declarith the translacioun of mouable thingis, as of maad thingis, that tho thingis dwelle, that ben vnmouable.

28 Therfor we resseyuynge the kingdom vnmouable, haue we grace, bi which serue we plesynge to God with drede and reuerence.

29 For oure God is fier that wastith.

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