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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / Hebrews

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Philemon Hebrews James

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

1 And the former testament hadde iustefiyngis of worschip, and hooli thing duringe for a tyme.

2 For the tabernacle was maad first, in which weren candilstikis, and boord, and setting forth of looues, which is seid hooli.

3 And after the veil, the secounde tabernacle, that is seid sancta sanctorum, that is, hooli of hooli thingis;

4 hauynge a goldun cenrer, and the arke of the testament, keuered aboute on ech side with gold, in which was a pot of gold hauynge manna, and the yerde of Aaron that florischide, and the tablis of the testament;

5 on whiche thingis weren cherubyns of glorie, ouerschadewinge the propiciatorie; of whiche thingis it is not now to seie bi alle.

6 But whanne these weren maad thus togidere, preestis entriden eueremore in the formere tabernacle, doynge the offices of sacrifices; but in the secounde tabernacle,

7 the bischop entride onys in the yeer, not without blood, which he offride for his ignoraunce and the puplis.

8 For the Hooli Goost signefiede this thing, that not yit the weie of seyntis was openyd, while the formere tabernacle hadde staat.

9 Which parable is of this present tyme, bi which also yiftis and sacrifices ben offrid, whiche moun not make a man seruynge perfit bi conscience, oneli in metis,

10 and drynkis, and dyuerse waischingis, and riytwisnessis of fleisch, that weren sett to the tyme of correccioun.

11 But Crist beynge a bischop of goodis to comynge, entride bi a largere and perfitere tabernacle, not maad bi hoond, that is to seye,

12 not of this makyng, nether bi blood of goot buckis, or of calues, but bi his owne blood, entride onys in to the hooli thingis, that weren foundun bi an euerlastinge redempcioun.

13 For if the blood of gootbuckis, and of boolis, and the aische of a cow calf spreynd, halewith vnclene men to the clensing of fleisch,

14 hou myche more the blood of Crist, which bi the Hooli Goost offride hym silf vnwemmyd to God, schal clense oure conscience fro deed werkis, to serue God that lyueth?

15 And therfor he is a mediatour of the newe testament, that bi deth fallinge bitwixe, in to redempcioun of tho trespassyngis that weren vndur the formere testament, thei that ben clepid take the biheest of euerlastinge eritage.

16 For where a testament is, it is nede, that the deth of the testament makere come bitwixe.

17 For a testament is confermed in deed men; ellis it is not worthe, while he lyueth, that made the testament.

18 Wherfor nether the firste testament was halewid without blood.

19 For whanne ech maundement of the lawe was red of Moises to al the puple, he took the blood of calues, and of buckis of geet, with watir, and reed wolle, and ysope, and bispreynde bothe thilke book and al the puple,

20 and seide, This is the blood of the testament, that God comaundide to you.

21 Also he spreynde with blood the tabernacle, and alle the vessels of the seruyce in lijk maner.

22 And almest alle thingis ben clensid in blood bi the lawe; and without scheding of blood remyssioun of synnes is not maad.

23 Therfor it is nede, that the saumpleris of heuenli thingis be clensid with these thingis; but thilke heuenli thingis with betere sacrificis than these.

24 For Jhesus entride not in to hooli thingis maad bi hoondis, that ben saumpleris of very thingis, but in to heuene it silf, that he appere now to the cheer of God for vs; nether that he offre him silf ofte,

25 as the bischop entride in to hooli thingis bi alle yeeris in alien blood,

26 ellis it bihofte hym to suffre ofte fro the bigynnyng of the world; but now onys in the ending of worldis, to distruccioun of synne bi his sacrifice he apperide.

27 And as it is ordeynede to men,

28 onys to die, but aftir this is the dom, so Crist was offrid onys, to auoyde the synnes of many men; the secounde tyme he schal appere with outen synne to men that abiden him in to heelthe.

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