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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / 1 Timothy

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

2 Thessalonians 1 Timothy 2 Timothy

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6

1 What euere seruauntis ben vndur yok, deme thei her lordis worthi al onour, lest the name of the Lord and the doctryn be blasfemyd.

2 And thei that han feithful lordis, dispise hem not, for thei ben britheren; but more serue thei, for thei ben feithful and louyd, whiche ben parceneris of benefice. Teche thou these thingis, and moneste thou these thingis.

3 If ony man techith othere wise, and acordith not to the hoolsum wordis of oure Lord Jhesu Crist, and to that teching that is bi pitee,

4 he is proud, and kan no thing, but langwischith aboute questiouns and stryuyng of wordis, of the whiche ben brouyt forth enuyes, stryues, blasfemyes, yuele suspiciouns, fiytingis of men,

5 that ben corrupt in soule, and that ben pryued fro treuthe, that demen wynnyng to be pitee.

6 But a greet wynnyng is pitee, with sufficience.

7 For we brouyten in no thing in to this world, and no doute, that we moun not bere `awey ony thing.

8 But we hauynge foodis, and with what thingus we schulen be hilid, be we paied with these thingis.

9 For thei that wolen be maad riche, fallen in to temptacioun, and `in to snare of the deuel, and in to many vnprofitable desiris and noyous, whiche drenchen men in to deth and perdicioun.

10 For the rote of alle yuelis is coueytise, which summen coueitinge erriden fro the feith, and bisettiden hem with many sorewis.

11 But, thou, man of God, fle these thingis; but sue thou riytwisnesse, pite, feith, charite, pacience, myldenesse.

12 Stryue thou a good strijf of feith, catche euerlastinge lijf, in to which thou art clepid, and hast knoulechid a good knouleching bifor many witnessis.

13 I comaunde to thee bifor God, that quikeneth alle thingis, and bifor Crist Jhesu, that yeldide a witnessing vnder Pilat of Pounce, a good confessioun,

14 that thou kepe the comaundement with out wem, with out repreef, in to the comyng of oure Lord Jhesu Crist;

15 whom the blessid and aloone miyti king of kyngis and Lord of lordis schal schewe in his tymes.

16 Which aloone hath vndeedlynesse, and dwellith in liyt, to which no man may come; whom no man say, nether may se; to whom glorie, and honour, and empire be with out ende.

17 Amen. Comaunde thou to the riche men of this world, that thei vndurstonde not hiyli, nether that thei hope in vncerteynte of richessis, but in the lyuynge God, that yyueth to vs alle thingis plenteuously to vse;

18 to do wel, to be maad riche in good werkis, liytli to yyue,

19 to comyne, to tresoure to hem silf a good foundement in to tyme to comynge, that thei catche euerlastinge lijf.

20 Thou Tymothe, kepe the thing bitakun to thee, eschewynge cursid noueltees of voicis, and opynyouns of fals name of kunnyng;

21 which summen bihetinge, aboute the feith fellen doun. The grace of God be with thee. Amen.

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