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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / Colossians

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Philippians Colossians 1 Thessalonians

Chapter 1 2 3 4

1 But Y wole that ye wite, what bisynesse Y haue for you, and for hem that ben at Laodice, and whiche euere saien not my face in fleisch,

2 that her hertis ben coumfortid, and thei ben tauyt in charite, in to alle the richessis of the plente of the vndurstondyng, in to the knowyng of mysterie of God, the fadir of Jhesu Crist,

3 in whom alle the tresouris of wisdom and of science ben hid.

4 For this thing Y seie, that no man disseyue you in heiythe of wordis.

5 For thouy Y be absent in bodi, bi spirit Y am with you, ioiynge and seynge youre ordre and the sadnesse of youre bileue that is in Crist.

6 Therfor as ye han takun Jhesu Crist oure Lord,

7 walke ye in hym, and be ye rootid and bieldid aboue in hym, and confermyd in the bileue, as ye han lerud, aboundinge in hym in doynge of thankyngis.

8 Se ye that no man disseyue you bi filosofie and veyn fallace, aftir the tradicioun of men, aftir the elementis of the world, and not aftir Crist.

9 For in hym dwellith bodilich al the fulnesse of the Godhed.

10 And ye ben fillid in hym, that is heed of al principat and power.

11 In whom also ye ben circumcidid in circumcisioun not maad with hoond, in dispoyling of the bodi of fleisch, but in circumcisioun of Crist;

12 and ye ben biried togidere with hym in baptim, in whom also ye han rise ayen bi feith of the worching of God, that reiside hym fro deth.

13 And whanne ye weren deed in giltis, and in the prepucie of youre fleisch, he quikenyde togidere you with hym;

14 foryyuynge to you alle giltis, doynge awei that writing of decre that was ayens vs, that was contrarie to vs; and he took awei that fro the myddil, pitchinge it on the cros;

15 and he spuylide principatis and poweris, and ledde out tristili, opynli ouercomynge hem in hym silf.

16 Therfor no man iuge you in mete, or in drink, or in part of feeste dai, or of neomenye,

17 or of sabatis, whiche ben schadewe of thingis to comynge; for the bodi is of Crist.

18 No man disseyue you, willynge to teche in mekenesse, and religioun of aungelis, tho thingis whiche he hath not seyn, walkinge veynli, bolnyd with wit of his fleisch,

19 and not holdynge the heed, of which al the bodi, bi boondis and ioynyngis togidere vndur mynystrid and maad, wexith in to encreessing of God.

20 For if ye ben deed with Crist fro the elementis of this world, what yit as men lyuynge to the world demen ye?

21 That ye touche not, nether taaste,

22 nether trete with hoondis tho thingis, whiche alle ben in to deth bi the ilke vss, aftir the comaundementis and the techingis of men;

23 whiche han a resoun of wisdom in veyn religioun and mekenesse, and not to spare the bodi, not in ony onour to the fulfillyng of the fleisch.

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