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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / Ephesians

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Galatians Ephesians Philippians

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6

1 Therfor Y boundun for the Lord biseche you, that ye walke worthili in the clepyng,

2 in which ye ben clepid, with al mekenesse and myldenesse, with pacience supportinge ech other in charite,

3 bisi to kepe vnyte of spirit in the boond of pees.

4 O bodi and o spirit, as ye ben clepid in oon hope of youre cleping;

5 o Lord,

6 o feith, o baptym, o God and fadir of alle, which is aboue alle men, and bi alle thingis, and in vs alle.

7 But to ech of vs grace is youun bi the mesure of the yyuyng of Crist;

8 for which thing he seith, He stiynge an hiy, ledde caitifte caitif, he yaf yiftis to men.

9 But what is it, that he stiede vp, no but that also he cam doun first in to the lowere partis of the erthe?

10 He it is that cam doun, and that stiede on alle heuenes, that he schulde fille alle thingis.

11 And he yaf summe apostlis, summe prophetis, othere euangelistis, othere scheepherdis and techeris,

12 to the ful endyng of seyntis, in to the werk of mynystrie, in to edificacioun of Cristis bodi,

13 til we rennen alle, in to vnyte of feith and of knowyng of Goddis sone, in to a parfit man, aftir the mesure of age of the plente of Crist;

14 that we be not now litle children, mouynge as wawis, and be not borun aboute with ech wynd of teching, in the weiwardnesse of men, in sutil wit, to the disseyuyng of errour.

15 But do we treuthe in charite, and wexe in him by alle thingis, that is Crist oure heed;

16 of whom alle the bodi set togidere, and boundun togidere bi ech ioynture of vnder seruyng, bi worching in to the mesure of ech membre, makith encreesyng of the bodi, in to edificacioun of it silf in charite.

17 Therfor Y seie and witnesse this thing in the Lord, that ye walke not now, as hethene men walken, in the vanyte of her wit;

18 that han vndurstondyng derkned with derknessis, and ben alienyd fro the lijf of God, bi ignoraunce that is in hem, for the blyndenesse of her herte.

19 Which dispeirynge bitoken hem silf to vnchastite, in to the worchyng of al vnclennesse in coueitise.

20 But ye han not so lerud Crist, if netheles ye herden hym,

21 and ben tauyt in hym, as is treuthe in Jhesu.

22 Do ye awey bi the elde lyuyng the elde man, that is corrupt bi the desiris of errour;

23 and be ye renewlid in the spirit of youre soule;

24 and clothe ye the newe man, which is maad aftir God in riytwisnesse and hoolynesse of treuthe.

25 For which thing `ye putte awei leesyng, and speke ye treuthe ech man with his neiybore, for we ben membris ech to othere.

26 Be ye wrooth, and nyle ye do synne; the sunne falle not doun on youre wraththe.

27 Nyle ye yyue stide to the deuel.

28 He that stal, now stele he not; but more trauele he in worchinge with hise hondis that that is good, that he haue whereof he schal yyue to nedi.

29 Ech yuel word go not of youre mouth; but if ony is good to the edificacioun of feith, that it yyue grace to men that heren.

30 And nyle ye make the Hooli Goost of God sori, in which ye ben markid in the dai of redempcioun.

31 Al bitternesse, and wraththe, and indignacioun, and cry, and blasfemye be takun awey fro you, with al malice;

32 and be ye togidere benygne, merciful, foryyuynge togidere, as also God foryaf to you in Crist.

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