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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / Galatians

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

2 Corinthians Galatians Ephesians

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6

1 Vnwitti Galathies, tofor whos iyen Jhesu Crist is exilid, and is crucified in you, who hath disseyued you, that ye obeyen not to treuthe?

2 This oneli Y wilne to lerne of you, whether ye han vndurfonge the spirit of werkis of the lawe, or of heryng of bileue?

3 So ye ben foolis, that whanne ye han bigunne in spirit, ye ben endid in fleisch.

4 So grete thingis ye han suffrid without cause, if it be withoute cause.

5 He that yyueth to you spirit, and worchith vertues in you, whether of werkis of the lawe, or of hering of bileue?

6 As it is writun, Abraham bileuede to God, and it was rettid to hym to riytfulnesse.

7 And therfor knowe ye, that these that ben of bileue, ben the sones of Abraham.

8 And the scripture seynge afer, that God iustifieth the hethene, of bileue told tofor to Abraham, That in thee alle the hethene schulen be blessid.

9 And therfor these that ben of bileue, schulen be blessid with feithful Abraham.

10 For alle that ben of the werkis of the lawe, ben vndur curse; for it is writun, Ech man is cursid, that abidith not in alle thingis that ben writun in the book of the lawe, to do tho thingis.

11 And that no man is iustified in the lawe bifor God, it is opyn, for a riytful man lyueth of bileue.

12 But the lawe is not of bileue, but he that doith tho thingis of the lawe, schal lyue in hem.

13 But Crist ayenbouyte us fro the curse of the lawe, and was maad acursid for vs; for it is writun, Ech man is cursid that hangith in the tre;

14 that among the hethene the blessyng of Abraham were maad in `Crist Jhesu, that we vndurfonge the biheeste of spirit thoruy bileue.

15 Britheren, Y seie aftir man, no man dispisith the testament of a man that is confermed, or ordeyneth aboue.

16 The biheestis weren seid to Abraham and to his seed; he seith not, In seedis, as in many, but as in oon, And to thi seed, that is, Crist.

17 But Y seie, this testament is confermed of God; the lawe that was maad after foure hundrid and thritti yeer, makith not the testament veyn to auoide awei the biheest.

18 For if eritage were of the lawe, it were not now of biheeste. But God grauntide to Abraham thoruy biheest.

19 What thanne the lawe? It was sett for trespassing, to the seed come, to whom he hadde maad his biheest. Whiche lawe was ordeyned bi aungels, in the hoond of a mediatour.

20 But a mediatour is not of oon. But God is oon.

21 Is thanne the lawe ayens the biheestis of God? God forbede. For if the lawe were youun, that myyte quikene, verili were riytfulnesse of lawe.

22 But scripture hath concludid alle thingis vndir synne, that the biheeste of the feith of Jhesu Crist were yyuen to hem that bileuen.

23 And tofor that bileue cam, thei weren kept vndur the lawe, enclosid in to that bileue that was to be schewid.

24 And so the lawe was oure vndirsmaister in Crist, that we ben iustified of bileue.

25 But aftir that bileue cam, we ben not now vndur the vndurmaistir.

26 For alle ye ben the children of God thoruy the bileue of Jhesu Crist.

27 For alle ye that ben baptisid, ben clothid with Crist.

28 Ther is no Jewe, ne Greke, ne bond man, ne fre man, ne male, ne female; for alle ye ben oon in `Jhesu Crist.

29 And if ye ben oon in `Jhesu Crist, thanne ye ben the seed of Abraham, and eiris bi biheest.

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