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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / 2 Corinthians

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

1 Corinthians 2 Corinthians Galatians

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

1 Poul, apostle of Jhesu Crist, bi the wille of God, and Tymothe, brothir, to the chirche of God that is at Corinthi, with alle seyntis that ben in al Acaie, grace to you,

2 and pees of God oure fadir and of the Lord Jhesu Crist.

3 Blessid be God and the fadir of oure Lord Jhesu Crist, fadir of mercies, and God of al coumfort,

4 which coumfortith vs in al oure tribulacioun, that also we moun coumforte hem, that ben in al diseese, bi the monestyng bi which also we ben monestid of God.

5 For as the passiouns of Crist ben plenteuouse in vs, so also bi Crist oure coumfort is plenteuouse.

6 And whether we ben in tribulacioun, for youre tribulacioun and heelthe, ethir we ben coumfortid, for youre coumfort, ethir we ben monestid, for youre monestyng and heelthe. Which worchith in you the suffring of the same passiouns, whiche `we also suffren,

7 that oure hope be sad for you; witynge for as ye ben felowis of passiouns, so ye schulen ben also of coumfort.

8 For, britheren, we wolen that ye wite of oure tribulacioun, that was don in Asie; for ouer maner we weren greued ouer myyt, so that it anoiede vs, yhe, to lyue.

9 But we in vs silf hadden answere of deth, that we truste not in vs, but in God that reisith deed men.

10 Which delyuerede vs, and delyuerith fro so grete perelis, in to whom we hopen, also yit he schal delyuere,

11 while also ye helpen in preier for vs; that of the persones of many faces of that yyuyng that is in vs, thankyngis ben don for vs bi many men to God.

12 For oure glorie is this, the witnessyng of oure conscience, that in symplenesse and clennesse of God, and not in fleischli wisdom, but in the grace of God, we lyueden in this world, but more plenteuousli to you.

13 And we writen not othere thingis to you, than tho that ye han red and knowe, and Y hope that in to the ende ye schulen knowe,

14 as also ye han knowe vs a parti; for we ben youre glorie, as also ye ben oure in the dai of oure Lord Jhesu Crist.

15 And in this tristyng Y wolde first come to you, that ye schulden haue the secounde grace,

16 and passe bi you in to Macedonye, and eft fro Macedonye come to you, and of you be led in to Judee.

17 But whanne Y wolde this thing, whether Y vside vnstidfastnesse, ether tho thingis that Y thenke, Y thenke aftir the fleisch, that at me be, it is and it is not?

18 But God is trewe, for oure word that was at you is and is not, is not ther ynne, but is is in it.

19 For whi Jhesus Crist, the sone of God, which is prechid among you bi vs, bi me, and Syluan, and Tymothe, ther was not in hym is and is not, but is was in hym.

20 For whi hou many euer ben biheestis of God, in thilke is, `that is, ben fillid. And therfor and bi hym we seien amen to God, to oure glorie.

21 Sotheli it is God that confermeth vs with you in Crist, and the which God anoyntide vs,

22 and which markide vs, and yaf ernes of the spirit in oure hertis.

23 For Y clepide God to witnesse ayens my soule, that Y sparynge you cam not ouer to Corynthe; not that we ben lordis of youre feith, but we ben helperis of youre ioye; for thorouy bileue ye stonden.

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