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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / 1 Corinthians

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Romans 1 Corinthians 2 Corinthians

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1 But of spiritual thingis, britheren, Y nyle that ye vnknowun.

2 For ye witen, that whanne ye weren hethene men, hou ye weren led goynge to doumbe maumetis.

3 Therfor Y make knowun to you, that no man spekynge in the spirit of God, seith departyng fro Jhesu; and no man may seie the Lord Jhesu, but in the Hooli Goost.

4 And dyuerse graces ther ben, but it is al oon Spirit;

5 and dyuerse seruyces ther ben, but it is al oon Lord; and dyuerse worchingis ther ben,

6 but `al is oon God, that worchith alle thingis in alle thingis.

7 And to ech man the schewyng of spirit is youun to profit. The word of wisdom is youun to oon bi spirit;

8 to another the word of kunnyng, bi the same spirit;

9 feith to another, in the same spirit; to anothere, grace of helthis, in o spirit;

10 to another, the worchyng of vertues; to another, profecie; to another, very knowyng of spiritis; to another, kyndis of langagis; to another, expownyng of wordis.

11 And oon and the same spirit worchith alle these thingis, departynge to ech bi hem silf as he wole.

12 For as ther is o body, and hath many membris, and alle the membris of the bodi whanne tho ben manye, ben o bodi, so also Crist.

13 For in o spirit alle we ben baptisid `in to o bodi, ether Jewis, ether hethene, ether seruauntis, ether free; and alle we ben fillid with drink in o spirit.

14 For the bodi is not o membre, but manye.

15 If the foot seith, For Y am not the hoond, Y am not of the bodi; not therfor it is not of the bodi.

16 And if the ere seith, For Y am not the iye, Y am not of the bodi; not therfor it is not of the bodi.

17 If al the bodi is the iye, where is heryng? and if al the bodi is heryng, where is smellyng?

18 But now God hath set membris, and ech of hem in the bodi, as he wolde.

19 That if alle weren o membre, where were the bodi?

20 But now ther ben many membris, but o bodi.

21 And the iye may not seie to the hond, Y haue no nede to thi werkis; or eft the heed to the feet, Ye ben not necessarie to me.

22 But myche more tho that ben seyn to be the lowere membris of the bodi, ben more nedeful;

23 and thilke that we gessen to be the vnworthier membris of the bodi, we yyuen more honour `to hem; and tho membris that ben vnonest, han more oneste.

24 For oure oneste membris han nede of noon; but God tempride the bodi, yyuynge more worschip to it, to whom it failide,

25 that debate be not in the bodi, but that the membris be bisi in to the same thing ech for othere.

26 And if o membre suffrith ony thing, alle membris suffren therwith; ethir if o membre ioieth, alle membris ioien togidere.

27 And ye ben the bodi of Crist, and membris of membre.

28 But God sette sum men in the chirche, fyrst apostlis, the secunde tyme prophetis, the thridde techeris, aftirward vertues, aftirward graces of heelyngis, helpyngis, gouernails, kyndis of langagis, interpretaciouns of wordis.

29 Whether alle apostlis? whethir alle prophetis? whether alle techeris? whether alle vertues?

30 whether alle men han grace of heelyngis? whether alle speken with langagis? whether alle expownen?

31 But sue ye the betere goostli yiftis. And yit Y schewe to you a more exellent weye.

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