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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / Romans

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Acts Romans 1 Corinthians

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

1 Therfor now no thing of dampnacioun is to hem that ben in Crist Jhesu, whiche wandren not after the flesch.

2 For the lawe of the spirit of lijf in Crist Jhesu hath delyuerid me fro the lawe of synne, and of deth.

3 For that that was vnpossible to the lawe, in what thing it was sijk bi flesch, God sente his sone in to the licknesse of fleisch of synne, and of synne dampnede synne in fleisch;

4 that the iustefiyng of the lawe were fulfillid in vs, that goen not aftir the fleisch, but aftir the spirit.

5 For thei that ben aftir the fleisch, saueren tho thingis that ben of the fleisch; but thei that ben after the spirit, feelen tho thingis that ben of the spirit. For the prudence of fleisch is deth;

6 but the prudence of spirit is lijf and pees.

7 For the wisdom of the fleisch is enemye to God; for it is not suget to the lawe of God, for nether it may.

8 And thei that ben in fleisch, moun not plese to God.

9 But ye ben not in fleisch, but in spirit; if netheles the spirit of God dwellith in you. But if ony hath not the spirit of Crist, this is not his.

10 For if Crist is in you, the bodi is deed for synne, but the spirit lyueth for iustefiyng.

11 And if the spirit of hym that reiside Jhesu Crist fro deth dwellith in you, he that reiside Jhesu Crist fro deth, shal quykene also youre deedli bodies, for the spirit of hym that dwellith in you.

12 Therfor, britheren, we ben dettouris, not to the flesch, that we lyuen aftir the flesch.

13 For if ye lyuen aftir the fleisch, ye schulen die; but if ye bi the spirit sleen the dedis of the fleisch, ye schulen lyue.

14 For who euere ben led bi the spirit of God, these ben the sones of God.

15 For ye han not take eftsoone the spirit of seruage in drede, but ye han taken the spirit of adopcioun of sones, in which we crien, Abba, fadir.

16 And the ilke spirit yeldith witnessyng to oure spirit, that we ben the sones of God;

17 if sones, and eiris, `and eiris of God, and eiris togidere with Crist; if netheles we suffren togidere, that also we ben glorified togidere.

18 And Y deme, that the passiouns of this tyme ben not worthi to the glorie to comynge, that schal be schewid in vs.

19 For the abidyng of creature abidith the schewyng of the sones of God.

20 But the creature is suget to vanyte, not willynge, but for hym that made it suget in hope;

21 for the ilke creature schal be delyuered fro seruage of corrupcioun in to liberte of the glorie of the sones of God.

22 And we witen, that ech creature sorewith, and trauelith with peyne til yit.

23 And not oneli it, but also we vs silf, that han the first fruytis of the spirit, and we vs silf sorewen with ynne vs for the adopcioun of Goddis sonys, abidynge the ayenbiyng of oure bodi.

24 But bi hope we ben maad saaf. For hope that is seyn, is not hope; for who hopith that thing, that he seeth?

25 And if we hopen that thing that we seen not, we abiden bi pacience.

26 And also the spirit helpith oure infirmyte; for what we schulen preie, as it bihoueth, we witen not, but the ilke spirit axith for vs with sorewyngis, that moun not be teld out.

27 For he that sekith the hertis, woot what the spirit desirith, for bi God he axith for hooli men.

28 And we witen, that to men `that louen God, alle thingis worchen togidere in to good, to hem that aftir purpos ben clepid seyntis.

29 For thilke that he knewe bifor, he bifor ordenede bi grace to be maad lijk to the ymage of his sone, that he be the first bigetun among many britheren.

30 And thilke that he bifore ordeynede to blis, hem he clepide; and whiche he clepide, hem he iustifiede; and whiche he iustifiede, and hem he glorifiede.

31 What thanne schulen we seie to these thingis? If God for vs, who is ayens vs?

32 The which also sparide not his owne sone, but `for vs alle bitook hym, hou also yaf he not to vs alle thingis with hym?

33 Who schal accuse ayens the chosun men of God? It is God that iustifieth,

34 who is it that condempneth? It is Jhesus Crist that was deed, yhe, the which roos ayen, the which is on the riyt half of God, and the which preieth for vs.

35 Who thanne schal departe vs fro the charite of Crist? tribulacioun, or anguysch, or hungur, or nakidnesse, or persecucioun, or perel, or swerd?

36 As it is writun, For we ben slayn al dai for thee; we ben gessid as scheep of slauytir.

37 But in alle these thingis we ouercomen, for hym that louyde vs.

38 But Y am certeyn, that nethir deeth, nether lijf, nether aungels, nethir principatus, nether vertues, nether present thingis, nether thingis to comynge, nether strengthe,

39 nether heiyth, nether depnesse, nether noon othir creature may departe vs fro the charite of God, that is in `Crist Jhesu oure Lord.

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