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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / Romans

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Acts Romans 1 Corinthians

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

1 What thanne is more to a Jew, or what profit of circumcisioun?

2 Myche bi al wise; first, for the spekyngis of God `weren bitakun to hem.

3 And what if summe of hem bileueden not? Whethir the vnbileue of hem hath auoidid the feith of God?

4 God forbede. For God is sothefast, but ech man a liere; as it is writun, That thou be iustified in thi wordis, and ouercome, whanne thou art demed.

5 But if oure wickidnesse comende the riytwisnesse of God, what shulen we seie? Whether God is wickid, that bryngith in wraththe?

6 Aftir man Y seie. God forbede. Ellis hou schal God deme this world?

7 For if the treuthe of God hath aboundid in my lessyng, in to the glorie of hym, what yit am Y demed as a synner?

8 And not as we ben blasfemed, and as summen seien that we seien, Do we yuele thingis, that gode thingis come. Whos dampnacioun is iust.

9 What thanne? Passen we hem? Nay; for we han schewid bi skile, that alle bothe Jewis and Grekis ben vndur synne,

10 as it is writun, For ther is no man iust;

11 ther is no man vndurstondynge, nethir sekynge God.

12 Alle bowiden a wey, togidere thei ben maad vnprofitable; ther is noon that doith good thing, there is noon `til to oon.

13 The throte of hem is an opyn sepulcre; with her tungis thei diden gilefuli; the venym of snakis is vndur her lippis.

14 The mouth of whiche is ful of cursyng and bitternesse;

15 the feet of hem ben swifte to schede blood.

16 Sorewe and cursidnesse ben in the weies of hem, and thei knewen not the weie of pees;

17 []

18 the drede of God is not bifor her iyen.

19 And we witen, that what euere thingis the lawe spekith, it spekith to hem that ben in the lawe, that ech mouth be stoppid, and ech world be maad suget to God.

20 For of the werkis of the lawe ech fleisch schal not be iustified bifor hym; for bi the lawe ther is knowyng of synne.

21 But now with outen the lawe the riytwisnesse of God is schewid, that is witnessid of the lawe and the profetis.

22 And the riytwisnesse of God is bi the feith of Jhesu Crist in to alle men and on alle men that bileuen in hym; for ther is no departyng.

23 For alle men synneden, and han nede to the glorie of God;

24 and ben iustified freli bi his grace, bi the ayenbiyng that is in `Crist Jhesu.

25 Whom God ordeynede foryyuer, bi feith in his blood, to the schewyng of his riytwisnesse, for remyssioun of biforgoynge synnes,

26 in the beryng up of God, to the schewyng of his riytwisnesse in this tyme, that he be iust, and iustifyynge hym that is of the feith of Jhesu Crist.

27 Where thanne is thi gloriyng? It is excludid. Bi what lawe? Of dedis doyng? Nay, but by the lawe of feith.

28 For we demen a man to be iustified bi the feith, with outen werkis of the lawe.

29 Whethir of Jewis is God oneli? Whether he is not also of hethene men? Yhis, and of hethene men.

30 For `oon God is, that iustefieth circumcisioun bi feith, and prepucie bi feith.

31 Distruye we therfor the lawe bi the feith? God forbede; but we stablischen the lawe.

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