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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / Acts

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

John Acts Romans

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1 And the apostlis, and the britheren that weren in Judee, herden that also hethene men resseyueden the word of God, and thei glorifieden God.

2 But whanne Petre cam to Jerusalem, thei that weren of circumcisioun, disputiden ayens hym,

3 and seiden, Whi entridist thou to men that han prepucie, and hast eete with hem?

4 And Petre bigan, and expownede to hem bi ordre,

5 and seide, Y was in the citee of Joppe, and preiede, and Y sai in rauysching of my mynde a visioun, that a vessel cam doun, as a greet scheete with foure coordis, and was sent doun fro heuene; and it cam to me.

6 In to which Y lokinge biheld, and sai foure footid beestis of the erthe, and beestis, and crepynge beestis, and volatils of heuene.

7 And Y herde also a vois that seide to me, Petre, rise thou, and sle, and eete.

8 But Y seide, Nay, Lord; for comyn thing ether vnclene entride neuer in to my mouth.

9 And the vois answeride the secounde tyme fro heuene, That thing that God hath clensid, seie thou not vnclene.

10 And this was don bi thries, and alle thingis weren resseyued ayen in to heuene.

11 And lo! thre men anoon stooden in the hous, in which Y was; and thei weren sent fro Cesarie to me.

12 And the spirit seide to me, that Y schulde go with hem, and doute no thing. Yhe, and these sixe britheren camen with me, and we entriden in to the hous of the man.

13 And he telde to vs, how he say an aungel in his hous, stondinge and seiynge to hym, Sende thou in to Joppe, and clepe Symount, that is named Petre, which schal speke to thee wordis,

14 in whiche thou schalt be saaf, and al thin hous.

15 And whanne Y hadde bigunnun to speke, the Hooli Goost felle on hem, as in to vs in the bigynnyng.

16 And Y bithouyte on the word of the Lord, as he seide, For Joon baptiside in watir, but ye schulen be baptisid in the Hooli Goost.

17 Therfor if God yaf to hem the same grace, as to vs that bileueden in the Lord Jhesu Crist, who was Y, that myyte forbeede the Lord, that he yyue not the Hooli Goost to hem that bileueden in the name of Jhesu Crist?

18 Whanne these thingis weren herd, thei helden pees, and glorifieden God, and seiden, Therfor also to hethene men God hath youun penaunce to lijf.

19 And thei that weren scaterid of the tribulacioun that was maad vndir Steuene, walkiden forth to Fenyce, and to Cipre, and to Antioche, and spaken the word to no man, but to Jewis aloone.

20 But sum of hem weren men of Cipre, and of Cirenen; whiche whanne thei hadden entride in to Antioche, thei spaken to the Grekis, and prechiden the Lord Jhesu.

21 And the hond of the Lord was with hem, and myche noumbre of men bileuynge was conuertid to the Lord.

22 And the word cam to the eris of the chirche, that was at Jerusalem, on these thingis; and thei senten Barnabas to Antioche.

23 And whanne he was come, and siy the grace of the Lord, he ioyede, and monestide alle men to dwelle in the Lord in purpos of herte;

24 for he was a good man, and ful of the Hooli Goost, and of feith. And myche puple was encresid to the Lord.

25 And he wente forth to Tharsis, to seke Saul; and whanne he hadde foundun hym, he ledde to Antioche.

26 And al a yeer thei lyueden ther in the chirche, and tauyten myche puple, so that the disciplis weren namyd first at Antioche cristen men.

27 And in these daies profetis camen ouer fro Jerusalem to Antioche.

28 And oon of hem roos vp, Agabus bi name, and signefiede bi the spirit a greet hungur to comynge in al the world, which hungur was maad vndur Claudius.

29 And alle the disciplis purposiden, after that ech hadde, for to sende in to mynysterie to britheren that dwelliden in Judee.

30 Which thing also thei diden, and sente it to the eldre men, bi the hoondis of Barnabas and Saul.

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