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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / John

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Luke John Acts

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1 And in o dai of the wouke Marie Maudeleyn cam eerli to the graue, whanne it was yit derk. And sche say the stoon moued awei fro the graue.

2 Therfor sche ran, and cam to Symount Petre, and to another disciple, whom Jhesus louede, and seith to hem, Thei han takun the Lord fro the graue, and we witen not, where thei han leid hym.

3 Therfor Petre wente out, and thilke other disciple, and thei camen to the graue.

4 And thei tweyne runnen togidre, and thilke othere disciple ran bifor Petre, and cam first to the graue.

5 And whanne he stoupide, he sai the schetis liynge, netheles he entride not.

6 Therfor Symount Petre cam suynge hym, and he entride in to the graue, and he say the schetis leid,

7 and the sudarie that was on his heed, not leid with the schetis, but bi it silf wlappid in to a place.

8 Therfor thanne thilke disciple that cam first to the graue, entride, and sai, and bileuede.

9 For thei knewen not yit the scripture, that it behofte him to rise ayen fro deth.

10 Therfor the disciplis wenten eftsoone to hem silf.

11 But Marie stood at the graue with outforth wepynge. And the while sche wepte, sche bowide hir, and bihelde forth in to the graue.

12 And sche sai twei aungels sittinge in white, oon at the heed and oon at the feet, where the bodi of Jhesu was leid.

13 And thei seien to hir, Womman, what wepist thou? Sche seide to hem, For thei han take awei my lord, and Y woot not, where thei han leid him.

John 20:13 - Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene
Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene
14 Whanne sche hadde seid these thingis, sche turnede bacward, and sai Jhesu stondinge, and wiste not that it was Jhesu.

15 Jhesus seith to hir, Womman, what wepist thou? whom sekist thou? She gessynge that he was a gardynere, seith to him, Sire, if thou hast takun him vp, seie to me, where thou hast leid him, and Y schal take hym awei.

16 Jhesus seith to hir, Marie. Sche `turnede, and seith to hym, Rabony, that is to seie, Maister.

17 Jhesus seith to hir, Nyle thou touche me, for Y haue not yit stied to my fadir; but go to my britheren, and seie to hem, Y stie to my fadir and to youre fadir, to my God and to youre God.

John 20:17 - Jesus Shows Himself to Mary
Jesus Shows Himself to Mary
18 Marie Maudeleyne cam, tellinge to the disciplis, That Y sai the Lord, and these thingis he seide to me.

19 Therfor whanne it was eue in that dai, oon of the sabatis, and the yatis weren schit, where the disciplis weren gaderid, for drede of the Jewis, Jhesus cam, and stood in the myddil of the disciplis, and he seith to hem, Pees to you.

20 And whanne he hadde seid this, he schewide to hem hondis and side; therfor the disciplis ioieden, for the Lord was seyn.

21 And he seith to hem eft, Pees to you; as the fadir sente me, Y sende you.

22 Whanne he had seid this, he blewe on hem, and seide, Take ye the Hooli Goost;

23 whos synnes ye foryyuen, tho ben foryouun to hem; and whos ye withholden, tho ben withholdun.

24 But Thomas, oon of the twelue, that is seid Didimus, was not with hem, whanne Jhesus cam.

25 Therfor the othere disciplis seiden, We han seyn the Lord. And he seide to hem, But Y se in hise hondis the fitchinge of the nailis, and putte my fyngur in to the places of the nailis, and putte myn hond in to his side, Y schal not bileue.

26 And after eiyte daies eftsoone hise disciplis weren with ynne, and Thomas with hem. Jhesus cam, while the yatis weren schit, and stood in the myddil, and seide, Pees to you.

John 20:26 - Jesus Appears to Thomas
Jesus Appears to Thomas
27 Afterward he seith to Thomas, Putte in here thi fyngur, and se myn hondis, and putte hidur thin hond, and putte in to my side, and nyle thou be vnbileueful, but feithful.

28 Thomas answeride, and seide to him, My Lord and my God.

29 Jhesus seith to him, Thomas, for thou hast seyn me, thou bileuedist; blessid ben thei, that seyn not, and han bileued.

30 And Jhesus dide many othere signes in the siyt of hise disciplis, whiche ben not writun in this book.

31 But these ben writun, that ye bileue, that Jhesus `is Crist, the sone of God, and that ye bileuynge haue lijf in his name.

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