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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / John

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Luke John Acts

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1 And ther was a sijk man, Lazarus of Bethanye, of the castel of Marie and Martha, hise sistris.

2 And it was Marye, which anoyntide the Lord with oynement, and wipte hise feet with hir heeris, whos brother Lazarus was sijk.

3 Therfor hise sistris senten to hym, and seide, Lord, lo! he whom thou louest, is sijk.

4 And Jhesus herde, and seide to hem, This syknesse is not to the deth, but for the glorie of God, that mannus sone be glorified bi hym.

5 And Jhesus louyde Martha, and hir sistir Marie, and Lazarus.

6 Therfor whanne Jhesus herde, that he was sijk, thanne he dwellide in the same place twei daies.

7 And after these thingis he seide to hise disciplis, Go we eft in to Judee.

8 The disciplis seien to hym, Maister, now the Jewis souyten for to stoone thee, and eft goist thou thidir?

9 Jhesus answerde, Whether ther ben not twelue ouris of the dai? If ony man wandre in the dai, he hirtith not, for he seeth the liyt of this world.

10 But if he wandre in the niyt, he stomblith, for liyt is not in him.

11 He seith these thingis, and aftir these thingis he seith to hem, Lazarus, oure freend, slepith, but Y go to reise hym fro sleep.

12 Therfor hise disciplis seiden, Lord, if he slepith, he schal be saaf.

13 But Jhesus hadde seid of his deth; but thei gessiden, that he seide of slepyng of sleep.

14 Thanne therfor Jhesus seide to hem opynli, Lazarus is deed;

15 and Y haue ioye for you, that ye bileue, for Y was not there; but go we to hym.

16 Therfor Thomas, that is seid Didymus, seide to euen disciplis, Go we also, that we dien with hym.

17 And so Jhesus cam, and foond hym hauynge thanne foure daies in the graue.

18 And Bethany was bisidis Jerusalem, as it were fiftene furlongis.

19 And many of the Jewis camen to Mary and Martha, to coumforte hem of her brothir.

20 Therfor as Martha herde, that Jhesu cam, sche ran to hym; but Mary sat at home.

21 Therfor Martha seide to Jhesu, Lord, if thou haddist be here, my brother hadde not be deed.

22 But now Y woot, that what euere thingis thou schalt axe of God, God schal yyue to thee.

23 Jhesus seith to hir, Thi brother schal rise ayen.

24 Martha seith to hym, Y woot, that he schal rise ayen in the ayen risyng in the laste dai.

25 Jhesus seith to hir, Y am ayen risyng and lijf; he that bileueth in me, yhe, thouy he be deed,

26 he schal lyue; and ech that lyueth, and bileueth in me, schal not die with outen ende. Bileuest thou this thing?

27 Sche seith to hym, Yhe, Lord, Y haue bileued, that thou art Crist, the sone of the lyuynge God, that hast come in to this world.

28 And whanne sche hadde seid this thing, sche wente, and clepide Marie, hir sistir, in silence, and seide, The maister cometh, and clepith thee.

29 Sche, as sche herd, aroos anoon, and cam to hym.

30 And Jhesus cam not yit `in to the castel, but he was yit in that place, where Martha hadde comun ayens hym.

31 Therfor the Jewis that weren with hir in the hous, and coumfortiden hir, whanne thei sayn Marie, that sche roos swithe, and wente out, thei sueden hir, and seiden, For sche goith to the graue, to wepe there.

32 But whanne Marie was comun where Jhesus was, sche seynge hym felde doun to his feet, and seide to hym, Lord, if thou haddist be here, my brother hadde not be deed.

33 And therfor whanne Jhesu saiy hir wepyng, and the Jewis wepynge that weren with hir, he `made noise in spirit, and troblide hym silf,

34 and seide, Where han ye leid hym? Thei seien to hym, Lord, come, and se.

35 And Jhesus wepte. Therfor the Jewis seiden,

36 Lo! hou he louede hym.

37 And summe of hem seiden, Whethir this man that openyde the iyen of the borun blynde man, myyte not make that this schulde not die?

38 Therfor Jhesus eft makynge noise in hym silf, cam to the graue. And there was a denne, and a stoon was leid theronne.

39 And Jhesus seith, Take ye awey the stoon. Martha, the sistir of hym that was deed, seith to hym, Lord, he stynkith now, for he hath leye foure daies.

40 Jhesus seith to hir, Haue Y not seid to thee, that if thou bileuest, thou schalt se the glorie of God?

41 Therfor thei token awei the stoon. And Jhesus lifte vp hise iyen, and seide, Fadir, Y do thankyngis to thee, for thou hast herd me; and Y wiste,

John 11:41 - Jesus Calls to Lazarus
Jesus Calls to Lazarus
42 that thou euermore herist me, but for the puple that stondith aboute, Y seide, that thei bileue, that thou hast sent me.

43 Whanne he hadde seid these thingis, he criede with a greet vois, Lazarus, come thou forth.

44 And anoon he that was deed, cam out, boundun the hondis and feet with boondis, and his face boundun with a sudarie. And Jhesus seith to hem, Vnbynde ye hym, and suffre ye hym to go forth.

45 Therfor many of the Jewis that camen to Marie and Martha, and seyn what thingis Jhesus dide, bileueden in hym.

46 But summe of hem wente to the Farisees, and seiden to hem, what thingis Jhesus `hadde don.

47 Therfor the bischopis and the Farisees gadriden a counsel ayens Jhesu, and seiden, What do we? for this man doith many myraclis.

48 If we leeue hym thus, alle men schulen bileue in hym; and Romayns schulen come, and schulen take our place and oure folk.

49 But oon of hem, Cayfas bi name, whanne he was bischop of that yeer, seide to hem,

50 Ye witen nothing, ne thenken, that it spedith to you, that o man die for the puple, and that al the folc perische not.

51 But he seide not this thing of hym silf, but whanne he was bischop of that yeer, he prophesiede, that Jhesu was to die for the folc,

52 and not oneli for the folc, but that he schulde gadere in to oon the sones of God that weren scaterid.

53 Therfor fro that day thei souyten for to sle hym.

54 Therfor Jhesus walkide not thanne opynli among the Jewis; but he wente in to a cuntre bisidis desert, in to a citee, that is seid Effren, and there he dwellide with hise disciplis.

55 And the pask of the Jewis was niy, and many of the cuntrey wenten vp to Jerusalem bifor the pask, to halewe hem silf.

56 Therfor thei souyten Jhesu, and spaken togidere, stondynge in the temple, What gessen ye, for he cometh not to the feeste day? For the bischopis and Farisees hadden youun a maundement, that if ony man knowe where he is, that he schewe, that thei take hym.

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