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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / John

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Luke John Acts

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1 Treuli, treuli, Y seie to you, he that cometh not in by the dore in to the foold of scheep, but stieth bi another weie, is a nyyt theef and a dai theef.

2 But he that entrith bi the dore, is the scheepherde of the scheep.

3 To this the porter openeth, and the scheep heren his vois, and he clepith his owne scheep bi name, and ledith hem out.

4 And whanne he hath don out his owne scheep, he goith bifor hem, and the scheep suen hym; for thei knowun his vois.

5 But thei suen not an alien, but fleen from hym; for thei han not knowun the vois of aliens.

6 Jhesus seide to hem this prouerbe; but thei knewen not what he spak to hem.

7 Therfor Jhesus seide to hem eftsoone, Treuli, treuli, Y seie to you, that Y am the dore of the scheep.

8 As many as han come, weren nyyt theues and day theues, but the scheep herden not hem.

9 Y am the dore. If ony man schal entre bi me, he schal be sauyd; and he schal go ynne, and schal go out, and he schal fynde lesewis.

10 A nyyt theef cometh not, but that he stele, sle, and leese; and Y cam, that thei han lijf, and haue more plenteousli.

11 I am a good scheepherde; a good scheepherde yyueth his lijf for hise scheep.

12 But an hirid hyne, and that is not the scheepherde, whos ben not the scheep his owne, seeth a wolf comynge, and he leeueth the scheep, and fleeth; and the wolf rauyschith, and disparplith the scheep.

13 And the hirid hyne fleeth, for he is an hirid hyne, and it parteyneth not to hym of the scheep.

14 Y am a good scheepherde, and Y knowe my scheep, and my scheep knowen me.

15 As the fadir hath knowun me, Y knowe the fadir; and Y putte my lijf for my scheep.

16 Y haue othere scheep, that ben not of this foolde, and it bihoueth me to brynge hem togidir, and thei schulen here my vois; and it schal be maad o foolde and o scheepherde.

17 Therfor the fadir loueth me, for Y putte my lijf, that eftsoone Y take it.

18 No man takith it fro me, but Y putte it of my silf. Y haue power to putte it, and Y haue power to take it ayen. This maundement Y haue takun of my fadir.

19 Eft dissencioun was maad among the Jewis for these wordis.

20 And many of hem seiden, He hath a deuel, and maddith; what heren ye hym?

21 Othere men seiden, These wordis ben not of a man that hath a feend. Whether the deuel may opene the iyen of blynde men?

22 But the feestis of halewyng of the temple weren maad in Jerusalem, and it was wyntir.

23 And Jhesus walkide in the temple, in the porche of Salomon.

24 Therfor the Jewis camen aboute hym, and seiden to hym, Hou long takist thou awei oure soule? if thou art Crist, seie thou to vs opynli.

25 Jhesus answerde to hem, Y speke to you, and ye bileuen not; the werkis that Y do in the name of my fadir, beren witnessyng of me.

26 But ye bileuen not, for ye ben not of my scheep.

27 My scheep heren my vois, and Y knowe hem, and thei suen me.

28 And Y yyue to hem euerelastynge lijf, and thei schulen not perische with outen ende, and noon schal rauysche hem fro myn hoond.

29 That thing that my fadir yaf to me, is more than alle thingis; and no man may rauysche fro my fadris hoond.

30 Y and the fadir ben oon.

31 The Jewis token vp stoonys, to stoone hym.

32 Jhesus answerde to hem, Y haue schewide to you many good werkis of my fadir, for which werk of hem stonen ye me?

33 The Jewis answerden to hym, We stoonen thee not of good werk, but of blasfemye, and for thou, sithen thou art a man, makist thi silf God.

34 Jhesus answerde to hem, Whether it is not writun in youre lawe, That Y seide, Ye ben goddis?

35 Yf he seide that thei weren goddis, to whiche the word of God was maad, and scripture may not be vndon,

36 thilke that the fadir hath halewid, and hath sent in to the world, ye seien, That `thou blasfemest, for Y seide, Y am Goddis sone?

37 Yf Y do not the werkis of my fadir, nyle ye bileue to me;

38 but if Y do, thouy ye wolen not bileue to me, bileue ye to the werkis; that ye knowe and bileue, that the fadir is in me, and Y in the fadir.

39 Therfor thei souyten to take hym, and he wente out of her hondis.

40 And he wente eftsoone ouer Jordan, in to that place where Joon was firste baptisynge, and he dwelte there.

41 And manye camen to hym, and seiden, For Joon dide no myracle;

42 and alle thingis what euer Joon seide of this, weren sothe. And many bileueden in hym.

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