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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / Luke

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

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1 And the halidai of therf looues, that is seid pask, neiyede.

2 And the princis of preestis and the scribis souyten, hou thei schulden sle Jhesu, but thei dredden the puple.

3 And Sathanas entride in to Judas, that was clepid Scarioth, oon of the twelue.

4 And he wente, and spak with the princis of preestis, and with the magistratis, hou he schulde bitray hym to hem.

5 And thei ioyeden, and maden couenaunt to yyue hym money.

6 And he bihiyte, and he souyte oportunyte, to bitraye hym, with outen puple.

7 But the daies of therf looues camen, in whiche it was neede, that the sacrifice of pask were slayn.

8 And he sente Petre and Joon, and seide, Go ye, and make ye redi to vs the pask, that we ete.

9 And thei seiden, Where wolt thou, that we make redi?

10 And he seide to hem, Lo! whanne ye schulen entre in to the citee, a man berynge a vessel of watir schal meete you; sue ye hym in to the hous, in to which he entrith.

11 And ye schulen seie to the hosebonde man of the hous, The maister seith to thee, Where is a chaumbre, where Y schal ete the pask with my disciplis?

12 And he schal schewe to you a greet soupyng place strewid, and there make ye redi.

13 And thei yeden, and founden as he seide to hem, and thei maden redi the pask.

14 And whanne the our was come, he sat to the mete, and the twelue apostlis with hym.

15 And he seide to hem, With desier Y haue desirid to ete with you this pask, bifor that Y suffre;

16 for Y seie to you, that fro this tyme Y schal not ete it, til it be fulfillid in the rewme of God.

17 And whanne he hadde take the cuppe, he dide gracis, and seide, Take ye, and departe ye among you;

18 for Y seie to you, that Y schal not drynke of the kynde of this vyne, til the rewme of God come.

19 And whanne he hadde take breed, he dide thankyngis, and brak, and yaf to hem, and seide, This is my bodi, that schal be youun for you; do ye this thing in mynde of me.

20 He took also the cuppe, aftir that he hadde soupid, and seide, This cuppe is the newe testament in my blood, that schal be sched for you.

21 Netheles lo! the hoond of hym that bitraieth me, is with me at the table.

22 And mannus sone goith, `aftir that it is determyned; netheles wo to that man, bi whom he schal be bitraied.

23 And thei bigunnen to seke among hem, who it was of hem, that was to do this thing.

24 And strijf was maad among hem, which of hem schulde be seyn to be grettest.

25 But he seide to hem, Kyngis of hethen men ben lordis of hem, and thei that han power on hem ben clepid good doeris, but ye not so;

26 but he that is grettest among you, be maad as yongere, and he that is bifor goere, as a seruaunt.

27 For who is gretter, he that sittith at the mete, or he that mynystrith? whether not he that sittith at the mete? And Y am in the myddil of you, as he that mynystrith.

28 And ye ben, that han dwellid with me in my temptaciouns; and Y dispose to you,

29 as my fadir hath disposid to me,

30 a rewme, that ye ete and drynke on my boord in my rewme, and sitte on trones, and deme the twelue kynredis of Israel.

31 And the Lord seide to Symount, Symount, lo, Satanas hath axid you, that he schulde ridile as whete; but Y haue preyede for thee,

32 that thi feith faile not; and thou sum tyme conuertid, conferme thi britheren.

33 Which seide to hym, Lord, Y am redi to go in to prisoun and in to deeth with thee.

34 And he seide, Y seie to thee, Petir, the cok schal not crowe to dai, til thou thries forsake that thou knowist me.

35 And he seide to hem, Whanne Y sente you with outen sachel, and scrippe, and schone, whether ony thing failide to you?

36 And thei seiden, No thing. Therfor he seide to hem, But now he that hath a sachel, take also and a scrippe; and he that hath noon, selle his coote, and bigge a swerd.

37 For Y seie to you, that yit it bihoueth that thing that is writun to be fulfillid in me, And he is arettid with wickid men; for tho thingis that ben of me han ende.

38 And thei seiden, Lord, lo! twei swerdis here. And he seide to hem, It is ynowy.

39 And he yede out, and wente aftir the custom in to the hille of Olyues; and the disciplis sueden hym.

40 And whanne he cam to the place, he seide to hem, Preye ye, lest ye entren in to temptacioun.

41 And he was taken awei fro hem, so myche as is a stonys cast; and he knelide,

42 and preyede, and seide, Fadir, if thou wolt, do awei this cuppe fro me; netheles not my wille be don, but thin.

43 And an aungel apperide to hym fro heuene, and coumfortide hym. And he was maad in agonye, and preyede the lenger;

44 and his swot was maad as dropis of blood rennynge doun in to the erthe.

45 And whanne he was rysun fro preier, and was comun to hise disciplis, he foond hem slepynge for heuynesse.

46 And he seide to hem, What slepen ye? Rise ye, and preye ye, that ye entre not in to temptacioun.

47 Yit while he spak, lo! a company, and he that was clepid Judas, oon of the twelue, wente bifor hem; and he cam to Jhesu, to kisse hym.

48 And Jhesus seide to hym, Judas, `with a coss `thou bytrayest `mannys sone.

49 And thei that weren aboute hym, and sayn that that was to come, seiden to hym, Lord, whether we smyten with swerd?

50 And oon of hem smoot the seruaunt of the prince of preestis, and kittide of his riyt eere.

51 But Jhesus answerde, and seide, Suffre ye til hidir. And whanne he hadde touchid his eere, he heelide hym.

52 And Jhesus seide to hem, that camen to hym, the princis of preestis, and maiestratis of the temple, and eldre men, As to a theef ye han gon out with swerdis and staues?

53 Whanne Y was ech dai with you in the temple, ye streiyten not out hondis in to me; but this is youre our, and the power of derknessis.

54 And thei token him, and ledden to the hous of the prince of prestis; and Petir suede hym afer.

55 And whanne a fier was kyndelid in the myddil of the greet hous, and thei saten aboute, Petir was in the myddil of hem.

56 Whom whanne a damysel hadde seyn sittynge `at the liyt, and hadde biholdun hym, sche seide, And this was with hym.

57 And he denyede hym, and seide, Womman, Y knowe hym not.

58 And aftir a litil another man siy hym, and seide, And thou art of hem. But Petir seide, A! man, Y am not.

59 And whanne a space was maad as of on our, another affermyd, and seide, Treuli this was with hym; for also he is of Galilee.

60 And Petir seide, Man, Y noot what thou seist. And anoon yit while he spak, the cok crewe.

61 And the Lord turnede ayen, and bihelde Petre; and Petre hadde mynde on the word of Jhesu, as he hadde seid, For bifor that the cok crowe, thries thou schalt denye me.

Luke 22:61 - Peter\'s Denial
Peter\'s Denial
62 And Petre yede out, and wepte bittirli.

63 And the men that helden hym scorneden hym, and smyten hym.

64 And thei blynfelden hym, and smyten his face, and axiden hym, and seiden, Arede, thou Crist, to vs, who is he that smoot thee?

65 Also thei blasfemynge seiden ayens hym many other thingis.

66 And as the day was come, the eldre men of the puple, and the princis of prestis, and the scribis camen togidir, and ledden hym in to her councel,

67 and seiden, If thou art Crist, seie to vs.

68 And he seide to hem, If Y seie to you, ye schulen not bileue to me; and if Y axe, ye schulen not answere to me, nethir ye schulen delyuere me.

69 But aftir this tyme mannys sone schal be sittynge on the riyt half of the vertu of God.

70 Therfor alle seiden, Thanne art thou the sone of God? And he seide, Ye seien that Y am.

71 And thei seiden, What yit desiren we witnessyng? for we vs silf han herd of his mouth.

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