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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / Matthew

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Matthew Mark

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1 And after sixe daies Jhesus took Petre, and James, and Joon, his brother, and ledde hem aside in to an hiy hil,

2 and was turned in to an othir licnesse bifor hem. And his face schone as the sunne; and hise clothis weren maad white as snowe.

3 And lo! Moises and Elie apperiden to hem, and spaken with hym.

4 And Petre answeride, and seide to Jhesu, Lord, it is good vs to be here. If thou wolt, make we here thre tabernaclis; to thee oon, to Moises oon, and oon to Elye. Yit the while he spak, lo!

5 a briyt cloude ouerschadewide hem; and lo! a voice out of the cloude, that seide, This is my dereworth sone, in whom Y haue wel pleside to me; here ye hym.

6 And the disciplis herden, and felden doun on her faces, and dredden greetli.

7 And Jhesus cam, and touchide hem, and seide to hem, Rise vp, and nyle ye drede.

8 And thei liften vp her iyen, and saien no man, but Jhesu aloone.

Matthew 17:8 - Jesus’ Transfiguration
Jesus’ Transfiguration
9 And as thei camen doun of the hille, Jhesus comaundide to hem, and seide, Seie ye to no man the visioun, til mannus sone rise ayen fro deeth.

10 And his disciplis axiden hym, and seiden, What thanne seien the scribis, that it bihoueth that Elie come first?

11 He answeride, and seide to hem, Elie schal come, and he schal restore alle thingis.

12 And Y seie to you, that Elie is nowe comun, and thei knewen hym not, but thei diden in him what euer thingis thei wolden; and so mannus sone schal suffre of hem.

13 Thanne the disciplis vndurstoden, that he seide to hem of Joon Baptist.

14 And whanne he cam to the puple, a man cam to hym, and felde doun on hise knees bifor hym, and seide, Lord, haue merci on my sone; for he is lunatike, and suffrith yuele, for ofte tymes he fallith in to the fier, and ofte tymes in to water.

15 And Y brouyte hym to thi disciplis, and thei myyten not heele hym.

16 Jhesus answeride, and seide, A! thou generacion vnbileueful and weiward; hou long schal Y be with you? hou long schal Y suffre you? Brynge ye hym hider to me.

17 And Jhesus blamede hym, and the deuel wente out fro hym; and the child was heelid fro that our.

18 Thanne the disciplis camen to Jhesu priueli, and seiden to hym, Whi myyten not we caste hym out?

19 Jhesus seith to hem, For youre vnbileue. Treuli Y seie to you, if ye han feith, as a corn of seneueye, ye schulen seie to this hil, Passe thou hennus, and it schal passe; and no thing schal be vnpossible to you;

20 but this kynde is not caste out, but bi preiyng and fastyng.

21 And whilis thei weren abidynge togidere in Galilee, Jhesus seide to hem, Mannus sone schal be bitraied in to the hondis of men;

22 and thei schulen sle hym, and the thridde day he schal rise ayen to lijf.

23 And thei weren ful sori. And whanne thei camen to Cafarnaum, thei that token tribute, camen to Petre, and seiden to hym, Youre maister payeth not tribute?

24 And he seide, Yhis. And whanne he was comen in to the hous, Jhesus cam bifor hym, and seide, Symount, what semeth to thee? Kyngis of erthe, of whom taken thei tribute? of her sones, ether of aliens?

25 And he seide, Of aliens. Jhesus seide to hym, Thanne sones ben fre.

26 But that we sclaundre hem not, go to the see, and caste an hook, and take thilke fisch that first cometh vp; and, whanne his mouth is opened, thou schalt fynde a stater, and yyue for thee and for me.

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