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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Zechariah

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Haggai Zechariah Malachi

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

1 The birthun of the word of the Lord, in the lond of Adrach, and of Damask, the reste therof; for `of the Lord is the iye of man, and of alle lynagis of Israel.

2 And Emath in termes therof, and Tirus, and Sidon; for thei token to hem wisdom greetli.

3 And Tirus bildide his strengthing, and gaderide siluer as erthe, and gold as fen of stretis.

4 Lo! the Lord schal welde it, and schal smyte in the see the strengthe therof, and it schal be deuourid bi fier.

5 Ascalon schal see, and schal drede; and Gasa, `and schal sorewe ful myche; and Accaron, for the hope therof is confoundid; and the kyng schal perische fro Gasa, and Ascalon schal not be enhabited;

6 and a departere schal sitte in Asotus, and Y schal distrie the pride of Filisteis.

7 And Y schal take awei the blood therof fro the mouth of him, and abhomynaciouns of hym fro the myddil of teeth of hym, and he also schal be left to our God; and he schal be as a duyk in Juda, and Accaron as Jebusei.

8 And Y schal cumpasse myn hous of these that holden kniythod to me, and goen, and turnen ayen; and `an vniust axere schal no more passe on hem, for now Y siy with myn iyen.

9 Thou douyter of Sion, make ioie withoutforth ynow, synge, thou douyter of Jerusalem; lo! thi kyng schal come to thee, he iust, and sauyour; he pore, and stiynge on a sche asse, and on a fole, sone of a sche asse.

10 And Y schal leese foure horsid carte of Effraym, and an hors of Jerusalem, and the bouwe of batel schal be distried; and he schal speke pees to hethene men, and the power of him schal be fro see til to see, and fro floodis til to the endis of erthe.

11 And thou in blood of thi testament sentist out thi boundun men fro lake, in which is not water.

12 Ye boundun of hope, be conuertid to strengthing; and to dai Y schewynge schal yelde to thee double thingis,

13 for Y schal stretche forthe to me Juda as a bowe, Y fillide `the lond of Effraym. And Y schal reise thi sones, thou Sion, on thi sones, thou lond of Grekis, and Y schal sette thee as the swerd of stronge men.

14 And the Lord God schal be seyn on hem, and the dart of him schal go out as leit.

15 And the Lord God schal synge in a trumpe, and schal go in whirlwynd of the south; the Lord of oostis schal defende hem, and thei schulen deuoure, and make suget with stoonys of a slynge; and thei drynkynge schulen be fillid as with wyn, and schulen be fillid as viols, and as hornes of the auter.

16 And the Lord God `of hem schal saue hem in that dai, as a floc of his puple, for hooli stoonus schulen be reisid on the lond of hym.

17 For what is the good of hym, and what is the faire of hym, no but whete of chosun men, and wyn buriownynge virgyns?

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