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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Micah

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Jonah Micah Nahum

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1 Here ye whiche thingis the Lord spekith. Rise thou, stryue thou bi doom ayens mounteyns, and litle hillis here thi vois.

2 Mounteyns, and the stronge foundementis of erthe, here the doom of the Lord; for the doom of the Lord with his puple, and he schal be demyd with Israel.

3 Mi puple, what haue Y don to thee, ether what was Y greuouse to thee? Answere thou to me.

4 For Y ledde thee out of the lond of Egipt, and of the hous of seruage Y delyuerede thee; and Y sente bifore thi face Moises, and Aaron, and Marye.

5 My puple, bithenke, Y preie, what Balaac, kyng of Moab, thouyte, and what Balaam, sone of Beor, of Sethym, answeride to hym til to Galgala, that thou schuldist knowe the riytwisnesse of the Lord.

6 What worthi thing schal Y offre to the Lord? schal Y bowe the knee to the hiye God? Whether Y schal offre to hym brent sacrifices, and calues of o yeer?

7 Whether God mai be paid in thousyndis of wetheris, ether in many thousyndis of fatte geet buckis? Whether Y schal yyue my firste bigetun for my greet trespas, the fruyt of my wombe for synne of my soule?

8 Y schal schewe to thee, thou man, what is good, and what the Lord axith of thee; forsothe for to do doom, and for to loue merci, and be bisi for to walke with thi God.

9 The vois of the Lord crieth to the citee, and heelthe schal be to alle men dredynge thi name. Ye lynagis, here; and who schal approue it?

10 Yit fier is in the hous of the vnpitouse man, the tresouris of wickidnesse, and a lesse mesure ful of wraththe.

11 Whether Y schal iustifie the wickid balaunce, and the gileful weiytis of litil sak,

12 in whiche riche men therof ben fillid with wickidnesse? And men dwellynge ther ynne spaken leesyng, and the tunge of hem was gileful in the mouth of hem.

13 And Y therfor bigan for to smyte thee, in perdicioun on thi synnes.

14 Thou schalt ete, and schalt not be fillid, and thi mekyng is in the middil of thee; and thou schalt take, and schalt not saue; and which thou schalt saue, Y schal yyue in to swerd.

15 Thou schalt sowe, and schal not repe; thou schalt trede the `frut of oliue, and schalt not be anoyntid with oile; and must, and schalt not drynke wyn.

16 And thou keptist the heestis of Amry, and al the werk of the hous of Acab, and hast walkid in the lustis of hem, that Y schulde yyue thee in to perdicioun, and men dwellynge in it in to scornyng, and ye schulen bere the schenschipe of my puple.

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