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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Micah

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Jonah Micah Nahum

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1 And in the laste of daies the hil of the hous of the Lord schal be maad redi in the cop of hillis, and hiy ouer smale hillis. And puplis schulen flete to him, and many puplis schulen haaste,

2 and shulen seie, Come ye, stie we til to the hil of the Lord, and to the hous of God of Jacob; and he schal teche vs of hise weies, and we schulen go in hise pathis. For lawe schal go out fro Syon, and the word of the Lord fro Jerusalem;

3 and he schal deme bitwixe many puplis, and schal chastise stronge folkis til in to fer. And thei schulen bete togidere her swerdis in to scharis, and her speris in to picoisis; a folc schal not take swerd ayens folc, and thei schulen no more lerne for to fiyte.

4 And a man schal sitte vndur his vyneyerd, and vndur his fige tree; and ther schal not be that schal make aferd, for the mouth of the Lord of oostis spak.

5 For alle puplis schulen go, ech man in the name of his Lord God; but we schulen walke in the name of oure Lord God in to the world, and ouer.

6 In that dai, seith the Lord, Y schal gadere the haltynge, and Y schal gadere hir that Y castide awei, and whom Y turmentide Y schal coumforte.

7 And Y schal putte the haltynge in to relifs, ether remenauntis, and hir that trauelide, in a strong folc. And the Lord schal regne on hem in the hil of Sion, fro this now and til in to with outen ende.

8 And thou, `derk tour of the floc of the douyter of Sion, `til to thee he schal come, and the first power schal come, the rewme of the douytir of Jerusalem.

9 Now whi art thou drawun togidere with mournyng? whether a kyng is not to thee, ether thi counselour perischide? for sorowe hath take thee, as a womman trauelinge of child.

10 Thou douyter of Sion, make sorewe, and haaste, as a womman trauelynge of child; for now thou schalt go out of the citee, and schalt dwelle in cuntree, and schalt come `til to Babiloyne; there thou schalt be delyuered, there the Lord schal ayen bie thee, fro the hond of thin enemyes.

11 And now many folkis ben gaderid on thee, whiche seien, Be it stonyd, and oure iye biholde in to Sion.

12 Forsothe thei knewen not the thouytis of the Lord, and vndurstoden not the councel of hym, for he gaderide hem as the hei of feeld.

13 Rise thou, douyter of Sion, and threische, for Y schal putte thin horn of irun, and Y schal putte thi nailis brasun; and thou schalt make lesse, ether waste, many puplis, and schalt sle to the Lord the raueyns of hem, and the strengthe of hem to the Lord of al erthe.

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