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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Joel

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Hosea Joel Amos

Chapter 1 2 3

1 For lo! in tho daies, and in that tyme, whanne Y schal turne the caitifte of Juda and of Jerusalem,

2 Y schal gadere alle folkis, and Y schal lede hem in to the valei of Josephat; and Y schal dispute there with hem on my puple, and myn eritage Israel, whiche thei scateriden among naciouns; and thei departiden my lond, and senten lot on my puple;

3 and thei settiden a knaue child in the bordel hous, and seelden a damesel for wyn, that thei schulden drynke.

4 But what to me and to you, thou Tire, and Sidon, and ech ende of Palestyns? Whethir ye schulen yelde vengyng to me? and if ye vengen you ayens me, soone swiftli Y schal yelde while to you on youre heed.

5 Ye token awey my siluer and gold, and ye brouyten my desirable thingis and faireste thingis in to youre templis of idols.

6 And ye selden the sones of Juda, and the sones of Jerusalem to the sones of Grekis, that ye schulden make hem fer fro her coostis.

7 Lo! Y schal reise hem fro the place in which ye seelden hem; and Y schal turne youre yeldyng in to youre heed.

8 And Y schal sille youre sones and youre douytris in the hondis of the sones of Juda, and thei schulen selle hem to Sabeis, a fer folc, for the Lord spak.

9 Crye ye this thing among hethene men, halewe ye batel, reise ye stronge men; alle men werriours, neiy, and stie.

10 Beete ye togydere youre plowis in to swerdis, and youre mattokkis in to speeris; a sijk man seie, that Y am strong.

11 Alle folkis, breke ye out, and come fro cumpas, and be ye gaderid togidere; there the Lord schal make thi stronge men to die.

12 Folkis rise togidere, and stie in to the valei of Josofat; for Y schal sitte there, to deme alle folkis in cumpas.

13 Sende ye sikelis, `ether sithis, for ripe corn wexide; come ye, and go ye doun, for the pressour is ful; pressouris ben plenteuouse, for the malice of hem is multiplied.

14 Puplis, puplis in the valei of kittyng doun; for the dai of the Lord is nyy in the valei of kittyng doun.

15 The sunne and the moone ben maad derk, and sterris withdrowen her schynyng.

16 And the Lord schal rore fro Sion, and schal yyue his vois fro Jerusalem, and heuenes and erthe schulen be mouyd; and the Lord is the hope of his puple, and the strengthe of the sones of Israel.

17 And ye schulen wite, that Y am youre Lord God, dwellynge in Sion, in myn hooli hil; and Jerusalem schal be hooli, and aliens schulen no more passe bi it.

18 And it schal be, in that dai mounteyns schulen droppe swetnesse, and litle hillis schulen flowe with mylke, and watris schulen go bi alle the ryueris of Juda; and a welle schal go out of the hous of the Lord, and schal moiste the stronde of thornes.

19 Egipt schal be in to desolacioun, and Idume in to desert of perdicioun; for that that thei diden wickidli ayens the sones of Juda, and schedden out innocent blood in her lond.

20 And Judee schal be enhabited with outen ende, and Jerusalem in to generacioun and in to generacioun.

21 And Y schal clense the blood of hem, which Y hadde not clensid; and the Lord schal dwelle in Syon.

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