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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Hosea

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Daniel Hosea Joel

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

1 Israel, nyle thou be glad, nyle thou make ful out ioie as puplis; for thou hast do fornicacioun fro thi God. Thou louedist meede on alle the cornflooris of wheete.

2 The cornfloor and pressour schal not feede hem, and wyn schal lie to hem.

3 Thei schulen not dwelle in the lond of the Lord. Effraym turnede ayen in to Egipt, and eet defoulid thing among Assiriens.

4 Thei schulen not offre wyn to the Lord, and thei schulen not plese hym. The sacrificis of hem ben as breed of mourneris; alle that schulen ete it schulen be defoulid. For the breed of hem is to the lijf of hem; thei schulen not entre in to the hous of the Lord.

5 What schulen ye do in the solempne dai, in the dai of the feeste of the Lord?

6 For lo! thei ben goon out fro distriyng. Egipt schal gadere hem togidere, Memphis schal birie hem. A nettle schal enherite the desirable siluer of hem, a clote schal be in the tabernaclis of hem.

7 Daies of visitacioun ben comun, daies of yeldyng ben comun. Knowe ye, that Israel is a fool, a wood profete, a spiritual man, for the multitude of thi wickidnesse is also the multitude of woodnesse.

8 The biholdere of Effraym with my God is a profete; a snare of fallyng is maad now on alle the weies of hym, woodnesse is in the hous of his God.

9 Thei synneden deepli, as in the daies of Gabaa. The Lord schal haue mynde on the wickidnesse of hem, and schal visite the synnes of hem.

10 Y foond Israel as grapis in desert, Y siy the fadris of hem as the firste applis of a fige tree, in the cop therof; but thei entriden to Belfegor, and weren alienyd in confusioun, and thei weren maad abhomynable as tho thingis whiche thei louyden.

11 Effraym as a brid fley awei; the glorye of hem is of childberyng, and of the wombe, and of conseyuyng.

12 That if thei nurschen her sones, Y schal make hem with out children among men. But also wo to hem, whanne Y schal go awei fro hem.

13 Y siy that Effraym was as Tire, foundid in fairnesse; and Effraym schal lede out hise sones to the sleere.

14 Lord, yyue thou to hem; what schalt thou yyue to hem? yyue thou to hem a wombe with out children, and drie tetis.

15 Alle the wickidnessis of hem ben in Galgal, for there Y hadde hem hateful; for the malice of her fyndyngis. Y schal caste hem out of myn hous; Y schal not leie to, that Y loue hem. Alle the princes of hem goen awei.

16 Effraym is smyten, the roote of hem is dried vp; thei schulen not make fruyt. That thouy thei gendren, Y schal sle the moost louyd thingis of her wombe.

17 My God schal caste hem awey, for thei herden not hym; and thei schulen be of vnstable dwellyng among naciouns.

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