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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Hosea

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Daniel Hosea Joel

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

1 Whanne Y wolde heele Israel, the wickidnesse of Effraym was schewid, and the malice of Samarie was schewid, for thei wrouyten a leesyng. And a niyt theef entride, and robbid; a dai theef was withoutforth.

2 And lest thei seien in her hertis, that Y haue mynde on al the malice of hem, now her fyndyngis han cumpassid hem, tho ben maad bifor my face.

3 In her malice thei gladiden the kyng, and in her leesyngys `thei gladiden the princes.

4 Alle that doen auoutrie, ben as an ouene maad hoot of a bakere. The citee restide a litil fro the medlyng of sour douy, til al was maad sour `of sour douy.

5 The dai of oure kyng; the princis bigunnen to be wood of wyn; he stretchide forth his hoond with scorneris.

6 For thei applieden her herte as an ouene, whanne he settide tresoun to hem. Al the niyt he slepte bakynge hem, in the morewtid he was maad hoot, as the fier of flawme.

7 Alle weren maad hoot as an ouene, and thei deuouriden her iugis. Alle the kyngis of hem fellen doun, and noon is among hem that crieth to me.

8 Effraym hym silf was medlid among puplis; Effraym was maad a loof bakun vndur aischis, which is not turned ayen.

9 Aliens eeten the strengthe of hym, and he knew not; but also hoor heeris weren sched out in hym, and he knew not.

10 And the pride of Israel schal be maad low in the face therof; thei turneden not ayen to her Lord God, and thei souyten not hym in alle these thingis.

11 And Effraym was maad as a culuer disseyued, not hauynge herte. Thei clepiden Egipt to help, thei yeden to Assiriens.

12 And whanne thei ben goen forth, Y schal sprede abrood on hem my net, Y schal drawe hem doun as a brid of the eir. Y schal beete hem, bi the heryng of the cumpany of hem.

13 Wo to hem, for thei yeden awei fro me; thei schulen be distried, for thei trespassiden ayens me. And Y ayenbouyte hem, and thei spaken leesyngis ayenus me.

14 And thei crieden not to me in her herte, but yelliden in her beddis. Thei chewiden code on wheete, and wyn, and thei yeden awei fro me.

15 And Y tauyte, and coumfortide the armes of hem, and thei thouyten malice ayens me.

16 Thei turneden ayen, that thei schulden be with out yok; thei ben maad as a gileful bowe. The princis of hem schulen falle doun bi swerd, for the woodnesse of her tunge; this is the scornyng of hem in the lond of Egipt.

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