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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Ezekiel

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Lamentations Ezekiel Daniel

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1 And the word of the Lord was maad to me,

2 and he seide, Therfor thou, sone of man, take weilyng on Tire.

3 And thou schalt seie to Tire, that dwellith in the entryng of the see, to the marchaundie of puplis to many ilis, The Lord God seith these thingis, O! Tire, thou seidist, Y am of perfit fairnesse,

4 and Y am set in the herte of the see. Thei that ben in thi coostis that bildiden thee, filliden thi fairnesse;

5 thei bildiden thee with fir trees of Sanyr, with alle werkis of boordis of the see; thei token a cedre of the Liban, to make a mast to thee.

6 Thei hewiden ookis of Bala in to thin ooris, thei maden to thee thi seetis of roweris of yuer of Ynde, and cabans of the ilis of Italie.

7 Dyuerse biys, `ether whijt silk, of Egipt, was wouun to thee in to a veil, that it schulde be set in the mast; iacynct and purpur of the ilis of Elisa weren maad thin hiling.

8 The dwelleris of Sidon and Aradians weren thi roweris; Tire, thi wise men weren maad thi gouernouris.

9 The elde men of Biblos, and the prudent men therof, hadden schipmen to the seruyse of thi dyuerse araye of houshold; alle the schippis of the see, and the schip men of tho, weren in the puple of thi marchaundie.

10 Perseis, and Lidians, and Libians weren in thin oost; thi men werriours hangiden in thee a scheeld and helm, for thin ournyng.

11 Sones Aradians with thin oost weren on thi wallis in thi cumpas; but also Pigmeis, that weren in thi touris, hangiden her arowe casis in thi wallis bi cumpas; thei filliden thi fairnesse.

12 Cartagynensis, thi marchauntis, of the multitude of alle richessis filliden thi feiris, with siluer, and irun, with tyn, and leed.

13 Greece, and Tubal, and Mosoch, thei weren thi marchauntis, and brouyten boonde men and brasun vessels to thi puple.

14 Fro the hous of Thogorma thei brouyten horsis, and horse men, and mulis, to thi chepyng.

15 The sones of Dedan weren thi marchauntis; many ilis the marchaundie of thin hond, chaungiden teeth of yuer, and of hebennus, in thi prijs.

16 Sirie was thi marchaunt, for the multitude of thi werkis thei settiden forth in thi marcat gemme, and purpur, and clothis wouun dyuersli at the maner of scheeldis, and bijs, and seelk, and cochod, ether auer de peis.

17 Juda and the lond of Israel weren thi marchauntis in the beste wheete, and settiden forth in thi feiris bawme, and hony, and oile, and resyn.

18 Damassen was thi marchaunt, in the multitude of thi werkis, in the multitude of dyuerse richessis, in fat wyn, in wollis of best colour.

19 Dan, and Greece, and Mosel, settiden forth in thi fairis irun maad suteli, gumme of myrre, and calamus, that is, a spice swete smellynge, in thi marchaundie.

20 Dedan weren thi marchauntis, in tapitis to sitte.

21 Arabie and alle the princes of Cedar, thei weren the marchauntis of thin hond; with lambren, and wetheris, and kidis thi marchauntis camen to thee.

22 The silleris of Saba and of Rema, thei weren thi marchauntis, with alle the beste swete smellynge spices, and preciouse stoon, and gold, which thei settiden forth in thi marcat.

23 Aran, and Chenne, and Eden, weren thi marchauntis; Sabba, and Assur, and Chelmath, weren thi silleris.

24 Thei weren thi marchaundis in many maneres, in fardels of iacinct and of clothis of many colours, and of preciouse richessis, that weren wlappid and boundun with coordis.

25 Also schippis of the see hadden cedris in her marchaundies; thi princes weren in thi marchaundie; and thou were fillid, and were glorified greetli in the herte of the see.

26 Thi rowers brouyten thee in many watris, the south wynd al to-brak thee; in the herte of the see weren thi richessis,

27 and thi tresours, and thi many fold instrument. Thi schip men, and thi gouernouris that helden thi purtenaunce of houshold, and weren souereyns of thi puple, and thi men werriours that weren in thee, with al thi multitude which is in the myddis of thee, schulen falle doun in the herte of the see, in the dai of thi fallyng.

28 Schippis schulen be disturblid of the sown of the cry of thi gouernours;

29 and alle men that helden oore, schulen go doun of her shippis. Shipmen and alle gouernouris of the see shulen stonde in the lond;

30 and schulen yelle on thee with greet vois. And thei shulen cry bitterli, and thei schulen caste poudur on her heedis, and schulen be spreynt with aische.

31 And thei schulen shaue ballidnesse on thee, and schulen be gird with hairis, and thei schulen biwepe thee in bitternesse of soule, with most bittir wepyng.

32 And thei schulen take on thee a song of mourenyng, and thei schulen biweile thee, Who is as Tire, that was doumb in the myddis of the see?

33 And thou, Tire, fillidist many puplis in the goyng out of thi marchaundies of the see; in the multitude of thi richessis, and of thi puplis, thou madist riche the kingis of erthe.

34 Now thou art al to-brokun of the see, in the depthis of watris. Thi richessis and al thi multitude that was in the myddis of thee fellen doun;

35 alle the dwelleris of ilis and the kyngis of tho weren astonyed on thee. Alle thei weren smytun with tempest, and chaungiden cheris;

36 the marchauntis of puplis hissiden on thee. Thou art brouyt to nouyt, and thou schalt not be til `in to with outen ende.

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