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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Isaiah

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Song of Solomon Isaiah Jeremiah

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1 And now the Lord God, makynge of nouyt thee, Jacob, and formynge thee, Israel, seith these thingis, Nyle thou drede, for Y ayenbouyte thee, and Y clepide thee bi thi name; thou art my seruaunt.

2 Whanne thou schalt go bi watris, Y schal be with thee, and floodis schulen not hile thee; whanne thou schalt go in fier, thou schalt not be brent, and flawme schal not brenne in thee.

3 For Y am thi Lord God, the hooli of Israel, thi sauyour. I yaf thi merci Egipt; Ethiopie and Saba for thee.

4 Sithen thou art maad onourable, and gloriouse in myn iyen; Y louyde thee, and Y schal yyue men for thee, and puplis for thi soule.

5 Nyle thou drede, for Y am with thee; Y schal brynge thi seed fro the eest, and Y schal gadere thee togidere fro the west.

6 Y schal seie to the north, Yyue thou, and to the south, Nyle thou forbede; brynge thou my sones fro afer, and my douytris fro the laste partis of erthe.

7 And ech that clepith my name to help, in to my glorie Y made hym of nouyt; Y fourmyde hym, and made hym.

8 Lede thou forth the blynde puple, and hauynge iyen; the deef puple, and eeris ben to it.

9 Alle hethene men ben gaderid togidere, and lynagis be gaderid togidere. Who among you, who schal telle this, and schal make you to here tho thingis, that ben the firste? yyue thei witnessis of hem, and be thei iustified, and here thei, and seie.

10 Verili ye ben my witnessis, seith the Lord, and my seruaunt, whom Y chees; that ye wite, and bileue to me, and vndurstonde, for Y mysilf am; bifore me is no God formere, and after me schal noon be.

11 Y am, Y am the Lord, and with out me is no sauyour.

12 I telde, and sauyde; Y made heryng, and noon alien God was among you. Ye ben my witnessis, seith the Lord;

13 and Y am God fro the bigynnyng, Y my silf am, and noon is that delyuerith fro myn hoond; Y schal worche, and who schal distrie it?

14 The Lord, youre ayenbiere, the hooli of Israel, seith these thingis, For you Y sente out in to Babiloyne, and Y drow doun alle barris, and Caldeis hauynge glorie in her schippis.

15 Y am the Lord, youre hooli, youre king, makynge Israel of nouyt.

16 The Lord seith these thingis, that yaf weie in the see, and a path in rennynge watris;

17 which ledde out a carte, and hors, a cumpany, and strong man; thei slepten togidere, nether thei schulen rise ayen; thei ben al tobrokun as flex, and ben quenchid.

18 Thenke ye not on the formere thingis, and biholde ye not olde thingis.

19 Lo! Y make newe thingis, and now tho schulen bigynne to be maad; sotheli ye schulen know tho. Y schal sette weie in desert, and floodis in a lond without weie.

20 And a beeste of the feelde schal glorifie me, dragouns and ostrigis schulen glorifie me; for Y yaf watris in desert, and floodis in the lond without weie, that Y schulde yyue drynk to my puple, to my chosun puple.

21 Y fourmyde this puple to me, it schal telle my preysyng.

22 Jacob, thou clepidist not me to help; and thou, Israel, trauelidist not for me.

23 Thou offridist not to me the ram of thi brent sacrifice, and thou glorifiedist not me with thi slayn sacrifices. Y made not thee to serue in offryng, nethir Y yaf to thee trauel in encense.

24 Thou bouytist not to me swete smellynge spicerie for siluer, and thou fillidist not me with fatnesse of thi slayn sacrifices; netheles thou madist me to serue in thi synnes, thou yauest trauel to me in thi wickidnessis.

25 Y am, Y my silf am, that do awei thi wickidnessis for me, and Y schal not haue mynde on thy synnes.

26 Brynge me ayen in to mynde, and be we demyd togidere; telle thou, if thou hast ony thing, that thou be iustified.

27 Thi firste fadir synnede, and thin interpretours trespassiden ayens me.

28 And Y made foul hooli princes, and Y yaf Jacob to deth, and Israel in to blasfemye.

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