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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Ecclesiastes

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Proverbs Ecclesiastes Song of Solomon

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

1 Speke thou not ony thing folily, nether thin herte be swift to brynge forth a word bifore God; for God is in heuene, and thou art on erthe, therfor thi wordis be fewe.

2 Dremes suen many bisynessis, and foli schal be foundun in many wordis.

3 If thou hast avowid ony thing to God, tarie thou not to yelde; for an vnfeithful and fonned biheest displesith hym; but `yelde thou what euer thing thou hast avowid;

4 and it is myche betere to make not a vowe, than aftir a vowe to yelde not biheestis.

5 Yyue thou not thi mouth, that thou make thi fleisch to do synne; nether seie thou bifor an aungel, No puruyaunce is; lest perauenture the Lord be wrooth on thi wordis, and distruye alle the werkis of thin hondis.

6 Where ben many dremes, ben ful many vanytees, and wordis with out noumbre; but drede thou God.

7 If thou seest false chalengis of nedi men, and violent domes, and that riytfulnesse is distried in the prouynce, wondre thou not on this doyng; for another is hiyere than an hiy man, and also othere men ben more hiye aboue these men;

8 and ferthermore the kyng of al erthe comaundith to the seruaunt.

9 An auerouse man schal not be fillid of monei; and he that loueth richessis schal not take fruytis of tho; and therfor this is vanyte.

10 Where ben many richessis, also many men ben, that eten tho; and what profitith it to the haldere, no but that he seeth richessis with hise iyen?

11 Slepe is swete to hym that worchith, whether he etith litil ether myche; but the fulnesse of a ryche man suffrith not hym to slepe.

12 Also anothir sijknesse is ful yuel, which Y siy vndur the sunne; richessis ben kept in to the yuel of her lord.

13 For thei perischen in the worste turment; he gendride a sone, that schal be in souereyn nedynesse.

14 As he yede nakid out of his modris wombe, so he schal turne ayen; and he schal take awei with hym no thing of his trauel.

15 Outirli it is a wretchid sijknesse; as he cam, so he schal turne ayen. What therfor profitith it to hym, that he trauelide in to the wynde?

16 In alle the daies of his lijf he eet in derknessis, and in many bisinessis, and in nedynesse, and sorewe.

17 Therfor this semyde good to me, that a man ete, and drynke, and vse gladnesse of his trauel, in which he trauelide vndir the sunne, in the noumbre of daies of his lijf, which God yaf to hym; and this is his part.

18 And to ech man, to whom God yaf richessis, and catel, and yaf power to hym to ete of tho, and to vse his part, and to be glad of his trauel; this is the yifte of God.

19 For he schal not bithenke miche on the daies of his lijf, for God ocupieth his herte with delicis.

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