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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Proverbs

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Psalms Proverbs Ecclesiastes

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1 Wiyn is a letcherouse thing and drunkenesse is ful of noise; who euere delitith in these, schal not be wijs.

2 As the roryng of a lioun, so and the drede of the kyng; he that territh hym to ire, synneth ayens his owne lijf.

3 It is onour to a man that departith hym silf fro stryuyngis; but fonned men ben medlid with dispisyngis.

4 A slow man nolde ere for coold; therfor he schal begge in somer, and me schal not yyue to hym.

5 As deep watir, so counsel is in the herte of a man; but a wijs man schal drawe it out.

6 Many men ben clepid merciful; but who schal fynde a feithful man?

7 Forsothe a iust man that goith in his simplenesse, schal leeue blessid sones aftir hym.

8 A king that sittith in the seete of doom, distrieth al yuel bi his lokyng.

9 Who may seie, Myn herte is clene; Y am clene of synne?

10 A weiyte and a weiyte, a mesure and a mesure, euer eithir is abhomynable at God.

11 A child is vndurstondun bi hise studies, yf his werkis ben riytful and cleene.

12 An eere heringe, and an iye seynge, God made euere eithir.

13 Nyle thou loue sleep, lest nedynesse oppresse thee; opene thin iyen, and be thou fillid with looues.

14 Ech biere seith, It is yuel, it is yuel; and whanne he hath go awey, thanne he schal haue glorie.

15 Gold, and the multitude of iemmes, and a preciouse vessel, ben the lippis of kunnyng.

16 Take thou awei the cloth of hym, that was borewe of an othere man; and for straungeris take thou awei a wed fro hym.

17 The breed of a leesing is sweet to a man; and aftirward his mouth schal be fillid with rikenyng.

18 Thouytis ben maad strong bi counselis; and bateils schulen be tretid bi gouernals.

19 Be thou not medlid with him that schewith pryuetees, and goith gylefulli, and alargith hise lippis.

20 The liyt of hym that cursith his fadir and modir, schal be quenchid in the myddis of derknessis.

21 Eritage to which me haastith in the bigynnyng, schal wante blessing in the laste tyme.

22 Seie thou not, Y schal yelde yuel for yuel; abide thou the Lord, and he schal delyuere thee.

23 Abhomynacioun at God is weiyte and weiyte; a gileful balaunce is not good.

24 The steppis of man ben dressid of the Lord; who forsothe of men mai vndurstonde his weie?

25 Falling of man is to make auow to seyntis, and aftirward to withdrawe the vowis.

26 A wijs kyng scaterith wickid men; and bowith a bouwe of victorie ouer hem.

27 The lanterne of the Lord is the spirit of man, that sekith out alle the priuetees of the wombe.

28 Merci and treuthe kepen a kyng; and his trone is maad strong bi mekenesse.

29 The ful out ioiyng of yonge men is the strengthe of hem; and the dignyte of elde men is hoornesse.

30 The wannesse of wounde schal wipe aweie yuels, and woundis in the priuyere thingis of the wombe.

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