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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Proverbs

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Psalms Proverbs Ecclesiastes

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1 A gileful balaunce is abhominacioun anentis God; and an euene weiyte is his wille.

2 Where pride is, there also dispising schal be; but where meeknesse is, there also is wisdom.

3 The simplenesse of iust men schal dresse hem; and the disseyuyng of weiward men schal destrie hem.

4 Richessis schulen not profite in the dai of veniaunce; but riytfulnesse schal delyuere fro deth.

5 The riytfulnesse of a simple man schal dresse his weie; and a wickid man schal falle in his wickidnesse.

6 The riytfulnesse of riytful men schal delyuere hem; and wickid men schulen be takun in her aspiyngis.

7 Whanne a wickid man is deed, noon hope schal be ferther; and abidyng of bisy men schal perische.

8 A iust man is delyuered from angwisch; and a wickid man schal be youun for hym.

9 A feynere bi mouth disseyueth his freend; but iust men schulen be deliuered bi kunnyng.

10 A citee schal be enhaunsid in the goodis of iust men; and preysyng schal be in the perdicioun of wickid men.

11 A citee schal be enhaunsid bi blessing of iust men; and it schal be distried bi the mouth of wickid men.

12 He that dispisith his freend, is nedi in herte; but a prudent man schal be stille.

13 He that goith gilefuli, schewith priuetees; but he that is feithful, helith the priuetee of a freend.

14 Where a gouernour is not, the puple schal falle; but helthe `of the puple is, where ben many counsels.

15 He that makith feith for a straunger, schal be turmentid with yuel; but he that eschewith snaris, schal be sikur.

16 A graciouse womman schal fynde glorie; and stronge men schulen haue richessis.

17 A merciful man doith wel to his soule; but he that is cruel, castith awei, yhe, kynnesmen.

18 A wickid man makith vnstable werk; but feithful mede is to hym, that sowith riytfulnesse.

19 Merci schal make redi lijf; and the suyng of yuels `schal make redi deth.

20 A schrewid herte is abhomynable to the Lord; and his wille is in hem, that goen symply.

21 Thouy hond be in the hond, an yuel man schal not be innocent; but the seed of iust men schal be sauyd.

22 A goldun `sercle, ether ryng, in the `nose thrillis of a sowe, a womman fair and fool.

23 The desir of iust men is al good; abiding of wickid men is woodnesse.

24 Sum men departen her owne thingis, and ben maad richere; other men rauyschen thingis, that ben not hern, and ben euere in nedynesse.

25 A soule that blessith, schal be maad fat; and he that fillith, schal be fillid also.

26 He that hidith wheete `in tyme, schal be cursid among the puplis; but blessyng schal come on the heed of silleris.

27 Wel he risith eerli, that sekith good thingis; but he that is a serchere of yuels, schal be oppressid of tho.

28 He that tristith in hise richessis, schal falle; but iust men schulen buriowne as a greene leef.

29 He that disturblith his hows, schal haue wyndis in possessioun; and he that is a fool, schal serue a wijs man.

30 The fruyt of a riytful man is the tre of lijf; and he that takith soulis, is a wijs man.

31 If a iust man receyueth in erthe, how miche more an vnfeithful man, and synnere.

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