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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Psalms

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Job Psalms Proverbs

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1 The `title of the hundrid and fifthe salm. Alleluya. Kouleche ye to the Lord, for he is good; for his mercy is with outen ende.

2 Who schal speke the powers of the Lord; schal make knowun alle hise preisyngis?

3 Blessid ben thei that kepen dom; and doon riytfulnesse in al tyme.

4 Lord, haue thou mynde on vs in the good plesaunce of thi puple; visite thou vs in thin heelthe.

5 To se in the goodnesse of thi chosun men, to be glad in the gladnes of thi folk; that thou be heried with thin eritage.

6 We han synned with oure fadris; we han do vniustli, we han do wickidnesse.

7 Oure fadris in Egipt vndirstoden not thi merueils; thei weren not myndeful of the multitude of thi merci. And thei stiynge in to the see, in to the reed see, terreden to wraththe;

8 and he sauede hem for his name, that `he schulde make knowun his power.

9 And he departide the reed see, and it was dried; and he lede forth hem in the depthis of watris as in deseert.

10 And he sauede hem fro the hond of hateris; and he ayen bouyte hem fro the hond of the enemye.

11 And the watir hilide men troublynge hem; oon of hem abood not.

12 And thei bileueden to hise wordis; and thei preisiden the heriynge of hym.

13 Thei hadden `soone do, thei foryaten hise werkis; and thei abididen not his councel.

14 And thei coueitiden coueitise in deseert; and temptiden God in a place with out watir.

15 And he yaf to hem the axyng of hem; and he sente fulnesse in to the soulis of hem.

16 And thei wraththiden Moyses in the castels; Aaron, the hooli of the Lord.

17 The erthe was opened, and swolewid Datan; and hilide on the congregacioun of Abiron.

18 And fier brente an hiye in the synagoge of hem; flawme brente synneris.

19 And thei maden a calf in Oreb; and worschipiden a yotun ymage.

20 And thei chaungiden her glorie; in to the liknesse of a calf etynge hei.

21 Thei foryaten God, that sauede hem, that dide grete werkis in Egipt,

22 merueils in the lond of Cham; feerdful thingis in the reed see.

23 And God seide, that he wolde leese hem; if Moises, his chosun man, hadde not stonde in the brekyng of his siyt. That he schulde turne awei his ire; lest he loste hem.

24 And thei hadden the desirable lond for nouyt, thei bileueden not to his word, and thei grutchiden in her tabernaclis;

25 thei herden not the vois of the Lord.

26 And he reiside his hond on hem; to caste doun hem in desert.

27 And to caste awei her seed in naciouns; and to leese hem in cuntreis.

28 And thei maden sacrifice to Belfagor; and thei eeten the sacrificis of deed beestis.

29 And thei wraththiden God in her fyndyngis; and fallyng was multiplied in hem.

30 And Fynees stood, and pleeside God; and the veniaunce ceesside.

31 And it was arrettid to hym to riytfulnesse; in generacioun and in to generacioun, til in to with outen ende.

32 And thei wraththiden God at the watris of ayenseiyng; and Moises was trauelid for hem, for thei maden bittere his spirit,

33 and he departide in his lippis.

34 Thei losten not hethen men; whiche the Lord seide to hem.

35 And thei weren meddlid among hethene men, and lerneden the werkis of hem,

36 and serueden the grauen ymagis of hem; and it was maad to hem in to sclaundre.

37 And thei offriden her sones; and her douytris to feendis.

38 And thei schedden out innocent blood, the blood of her sones and of her douytris; whiche thei sacrificiden to the grauun ymagis of Chanaan.

39 And the erthe was slayn in bloodis, and was defoulid in the werkis of hem; and thei diden fornicacioun in her fyndyngis.

40 And the Lord was wrooth bi strong veniaunce ayens his puple; and hadde abhominacioun of his eritage.

41 And he bitook hem in to the hondis of hethene men; and thei that hatiden hem, weren lordis of hem.

42 And her enemyes diden tribulacioun to hem, and thei weren mekid vndir the hondis of enemyes;

43 ofte he delyuerede hem. But thei wraththiden hym in her counsel; and thei weren maad low in her wickidnessis.

44 And he siye, whanne thei weren set in tribulacioun; and he herde the preyer of hem.

45 And he was myndeful of his testament; and it repentide hym bi the multitude of his merci.

46 And he yaf hem in to mercies; in the siyt of alle men, that hadden take hem.

47 Oure Lord God, make thou vs saaf; and gadere togidere vs fro naciouns. That we knouleche to thin hooli name; and haue glorie in thi preisyng.

48 Blessid be the Lord God of Israel fro the world and til in to the world; and al the puple schal seye, Be it don, be it don.

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