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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Psalms

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Job Psalms Proverbs

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1 The titil of the seuene and sixtithe salm. To the victorie, the salm `of the song `of Dauid.

2 God rise vp, and hise enemyes be scaterid; and thei that haten hym fle fro his face.

3 As smoke failith, faile thei; as wax fletith fro the face of fier, so perische synneris fro the face of God.

4 And iust men eete, and make fulli ioye in the siyt of God; and delite thei in gladnesse.

5 Synge ye to God, seie ye salm to his name; make ye weie to hym, that stieth on the goyng doun, the Lord is name to hym. Make ye fulli ioye in his siyt, enemyes schulen be disturblid fro the face of hym,

6 which is the fadir of fadirles and modirles children; and the iuge of widewis.

7 God is in his hooli place; God that makith men of o wille to dwelle in the hous. Which leedith out bi strengthe hem that ben boundun; in lijk maner hem that maken scharp, that dwellen in sepulcris.

8 God, whanne thou yedist out in the siyt of thi puple; whanne thou passidist forth in the desert.

9 The erthe was moued, for heuenes droppiden doun fro the face of God of Synay; fro the face of God of Israel.

10 God, thou schalt departe wilful reyn to thin eritage, and it was sijk; but thou madist it parfit.

11 Thi beestis schulen dwelle therynne; God, thou hast maad redi in thi swetnesse to the pore man.

12 The Lord schal yyue a word; to hem that prechen the gospel with myche vertu.

13 The kyngis of vertues ben maad loued of the derlyng; and to the fairnesse of the hous to departe spuylis.

14 If ye slepen among the myddil of eritagis, the fetheris of the culuer ben of siluer; and the hyndrere thingis of the bak therof ben in the shynyng of gold.

15 While the king of heuene demeth kyngis theronne, thei schulen be maad whitter then snow in Selmon;

16 the hille of God is a fat hille. The cruddid hil is a fat hil;

17 wherto bileuen ye falsli, cruddid hillis? The hil in which it plesith wel God to dwelle ther ynne; for the Lord schal dwelle `in to the ende.

18 The chare of God is manyfoold with ten thousynde, a thousynde of hem that ben glad; the Lord was in hem, in Syna, in the hooli.

19 Thou stiedist an hiy, thou tokist caitiftee; thou resseyuedist yiftis among men. For whi thou tokist hem that bileueden not; for to dwelle in the Lord God.

20 Blessid be the Lord ech dai; the God of oure heelthis schal make an eesie wei to vs.

21 Oure God is God to make men saaf; and outgoyng fro deeth is of the Lord God.

22 Netheles God schal breke the heedis of hise enemyes; the cop of the heere of hem that goen in her trespassis.

23 The Lord seide, Y schal turne fro Basan; Y schal turne in to the depthe of the see.

24 That thi foot be deppid in blood; the tunge of thi doggis be dippid in blood of the enemyes of hym.

25 God, thei sien thi goyngis yn; the goyngis yn of my God, of my king, which is in the hooli.

26 Prynces ioyned with syngeris camen bifore; in the myddil of yonge dameselis syngynge in tympans.

27 In chirchis blesse ye God; blesse ye the Lord fro the wellis of Israel.

28 There Beniamyn, a yonge man; in the rauyschyng of mynde. The princis of Juda weren the duykis of hem; the princis of Zabulon, the princis of Neptalym.

29 God, comaunde thou to thi vertu; God, conferme thou this thing, which thou hast wrouyt in vs.

30 Fro thi temple, which is in Jerusalem; kyngis schulen offre yiftis to thee.

31 Blame thou the wielde beestis of the reheed, the gaderyng togidere of bolis is among the kien of puplis; that thei exclude hem that ben preuyd bi siluer. Distrie thou folkis that wolen batels,

32 legatis schulen come fro Egipt; Ethiopie schal come bifore the hondis therof to God.

33 Rewmes of the erthe, synge ye to God; seie ye salm to the Lord.

34 Singe ye to God; that stiede on the heuene of heuene at the eest. Lo! he schal yyue to his vois the vois of vertu, yyue ye glorie to God on Israel;

35 his greet doyng and his vertu is in the cloudis.

36 God is wondirful in hise seyntis; God of Israel, he schal yyue vertu, and strengthe to his puple; blessid be God.

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