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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Psalms

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Job Psalms Proverbs

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1 The title of the sixe and thrittithe salm. To Dauith. Nile thou sue wickid men; nether loue thou men doynge wickidnesse.

2 For thei schulen wexe drie swiftli as hey; and thei schulen falle doun soone as the wortis of eerbis.

3 Hope thou in the Lord, and do thou goodnesse; and enhabite thou the lond, and thou schalt be fed with hise richessis.

4 Delite thou in the Lord; and he schal yyue to thee the axyngis of thin herte.

5 Schewe thi weie to the Lord; and hope thou in hym, and he schal do.

6 And he schal lede out thi riytfulnesse as liyt, and thi doom as myddai;

7 be thou suget to the Lord, and preye thou hym. Nile thou sue hym, that hath prosperite in his weie; a man doynge vnriytfulnessis.

8 Ceese thou of ire, and forsake woodnesse; nyle thou sue, that thou do wickidli.

9 For thei, that doen wickidli, schulen be distried; but thei that suffren the Lord, schulen enerite the lond.

10 And yit a litil, and a synnere schal not be; and thou schalt seke his place, and schalt not fynde.

11 But mylde men schulen enerite the lond; and schulen delite in the multitude of pees.

12 A synnere schal aspie a riytful man; and he schal gnaste with hise teeth on hym.

13 But the Lord schal scorne the synnere; for he biholdith that his day cometh.

14 Synners drowen out swerd; thei benten her bouwe. To disseyue a pore man and nedi; to strangle riytful men of herte.

15 Her swerd entre in to the herte of hem silf; and her bouwe be brokun.

16 Betere is a litil thing to a iust man; than many richessis of synneris.

17 For the armes of synneris schal be al to-brokun; but the Lord confermeth iust men.

18 The Lord knowith the daies of vnwemmed; and her heritage schal be withouten ende.

19 Thei schulen not be schent in the yuel tyme, and thei schulen be fillid in the dayes of hungur;

20 for synneris schulen perische. Forsothe anoon as the enemyes of the Lord ben onourid, and enhaunsid; thei failynge schulen faile as smoke.

21 A synnere schal borewe, and schal not paie; but a iust man hath merci, and schal yyue.

22 For thei that blessen the Lord schulen enerite the lond; but thei that cursen hym schulen perische.

23 The goyng of a man schal be dressid anentis the Lord; and he schal wilne his weie.

24 Whanne he fallith, he schal not be hurtlid doun; for the Lord vndursettith his hond.

25 I was yongere, and sotheli Y wexide eld, and Y siy not a iust man forsakun; nethir his seed sekynge breed.

26 Al dai he hath merci, and leeneth; and his seed schal be in blessyng.

27 Bouwe thou awei fro yuel, and do good; and dwelle thou in to the world of world.

28 For the Lord loueth doom, and schal not forsake hise seyntis; thei schulen be kept with outen ende. Vniust men schulen be punyschid; and the seed of wickid men schal perische.

29 But iust men schulen enerite the lond; and schulen enabite theronne in to the world of world.

30 The mouth of a iust man schal bithenke wisdom; and his tunge schal speke doom.

31 The lawe of his God is in his herte; and hise steppis schulen not be disseyued.

32 A synnere biholdith a iust man; and sekith to sle hym.

33 But the Lord schal not forsake hym in hise hondis; nethir schal dampne hym, whanne it schal be demed ayens hym.

34 Abide thou the Lord, and kepe thou his weie, and he schal enhaunse thee, that bi eritage thou take the lond; whanne synneris schulen perische, thou schalt se.

35 I siy a wickid man enhaunsid aboue; and reisid vp as the cedris of Liban.

36 And Y passide, and lo! he was not; Y souyte hym, and his place is not foundun.

37 Kepe thou innocence, and se equite; for tho ben relikis to a pesible man.

38 Forsothe vniust men schulen perische; the relifs of wickid men schulen perische togidere.

39 But the helthe of iust men is of the Lord; and he is her defendere in the tyme of tribulacioun.

40 And the Lord schal helpe hem, and schal make hem fre, and he schal delyuere hem fro synneris; and he schal saue hem, for thei hopiden in hym.

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