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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Job

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Esther Job Psalms

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1 I not as cruel schal reise hym; for who may ayenstonde my face?

2 And who `yaf to me bifore, that Y yelde to hym? Alle thingis, that ben vndur heuene, ben myne.

3 Y schal not spare hym for myyti wordis, and maad faire to biseche.

4 Who schal schewe the face of his clothing, and who schal entre in to the myddis of his mouth?

5 Who schal opene the yatis of his cheer? ferdfulnesse is bi the cumpas of hise teeth.

6 His bodi is as yotun scheldys of bras, and ioyned togidere with scalis ouerleiynge hem silf.

7 Oon is ioyned to another; and sotheli brething goith not thorouy tho.

8 Oon schal cleue to anothir, and tho holdynge hem silf schulen not be departid.

9 His fnesynge is as schynynge of fier, and hise iyen ben as iyelidis of the morewtid.

10 Laumpis comen forth of his mouth, as trees of fier, that ben kyndlid.

11 Smoke cometh forth of hise nosethirlis, as of a pot set on the fier `and boilynge.

12 His breeth makith colis to brenne, and flawme goith out of his mouth.

13 Strengthe schal dwelle in his necke, and nedynesse schal go bifor his face.

14 The membris of hise fleischis ben cleuynge togidere to hem silf; God schal sende floodis ayens hym, and tho schulen not be borun to an other place.

15 His herte schal be maad hard as a stoon; and it schal be streyned togidere as the anefeld of a smith.

16 Whanne he schal be takun awei, aungels schulen drede; and thei aferd schulen be purgid.

17 Whanne swerd takith hym, it may not stonde, nethir spere, nether haburioun.

18 For he schal arette irun as chaffis, and bras as rotun tre.

19 A man archere schal not dryue hym awei; stoonys of a slynge ben turned in to stobil to hym.

20 He schal arette an hamer as stobil; and he schal scorne a florischynge spere.

21 The beemys of the sunne schulen be vndur hym; and he schal strewe to hym silf gold as cley.

22 He schal make the depe se to buyle as a pot; and he schal putte, as whanne oynementis buylen.

23 A path schal schyne aftir hym; he schal gesse the greet occian as wexynge eld.

24 No power is on erthe, that schal be comparisound to hym; which is maad, that he schulde drede noon.

25 He seeth al hiy thing; he is kyng ouer alle the sones of pride.

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