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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Job

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Esther Job Psalms

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1 Myn herte dredde of this thing, and is moued out of his place.

2 It schal here an heryng in the feerdfulnesse of his vois, and a sown comynge forth of his mouth.

3 He biholdith ouere alle heuenes; and his liyt is ouere the termes of erthe.

4 Sown schal rore aftir hym, he schal thundre with the vois of his greetnesse; and it schal not be souyt out, whanne his vois is herd.

5 God schal thundre in his vois wondurfulli, that makith grete thingis and that moun not be souyt out.

6 Which comaundith to the snow to come doun on erthe, and to the reynes of wijntir, and to the reynes of his strengthe.

7 Which markith in the hond of alle men, that alle men knowe her werkis.

8 An vnresonable beeste schal go in to his denne, and schal dwelle in his caue, `ethir derke place.

9 Tempestis schulen go out fro the ynnere thingis, and coold fro Arturus.

10 Whanne God makith blowyng, frost wexith togidere; and eft ful brood watris ben sched out.

11 Whete desirith cloudis, and cloudis spreeden abrood her liyt.

12 Whiche cloudes cumpassen alle thingis bi cumpas, whidur euere the wil of the gouernour ledith tho, to al thing which he comaundith `to tho on the face of the world;

13 whether in o lynage, ethir in his lond, ether in what euer place of his merci he comaundith tho to be foundun.

14 Joob, herkene thou these thingis; stonde thou, and biholde the meruels of God.

15 Whethir thou woost, whanne God comaundide to the reynes, that tho schulen schewe the liyt of hise cloudis?

16 Whether thou knowist the grete weies of cloudis, and perfit kunnyngis?

17 Whether thi cloothis ben not hoote, whanne the erthe is blowun with the south?

18 In hap thou madist with hym heuenes, which moost sad ben foundid, as of bras.

19 Schewe thou to vs, what we schulen seie to hym; for we ben wlappid in derknessis.

20 Who schal telle to hym, what thingis Y speke? yhe, if he spekith, a man schal be deuourid.

21 And now men seen not liyt; the eir schal be maad thicke sudenli in to cloudis, and wynd passynge schal dryue awei tho.

22 Gold schal come fro the north, and ferdful preisyng of God.

23 For we moun not fynde him worthili; he is greet in strengthe, and in doom, and in riytfulnesse, and may not be teld out.

24 Therfor men schulen drede hym; and alle men, that semen to hem silf to be wise, schulen not be hardi to biholde.

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