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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Job

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Esther Job Psalms

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1 Also Helyu addide, and spak these thingis,

2 Suffre thou me a litil, and Y schal schewe to thee; for yit Y haue that, that Y schal speke for God.

3 Y schal reherse my kunnyng fro the bigynnyng; and Y schal preue my worchere iust.

4 For verili my wordis ben with out leesyng, and perfit kunnyng schal be preued to thee.

5 God castith not awei myyti men, sithen he is myyti;

6 but he saueth not wickid men, and he yyueth dom to pore men.

7 He takith not awei hise iyen fro a iust man; and he settith kyngis in seete with out ende, and thei ben reisid there.

8 And if thei ben in chaynes, and ben boundun with the roopis of pouert,

9 he schal shewe to hem her werkis, and her grete trespassis; for thei weren violent, `ethir rauenours.

10 Also he schal opene her eere, that he chastise; and he schal speke, that thei turne ayen fro wickidnesse.

11 If thei heren, and kepen, thei schulen fille her daies in good, and her yeris in glorie.

12 Sotheli if thei heren not, thei schulen passe bi swerd, and thei schulen be wastid in foli.

13 Feyneris and false men stiren the ire of God; and thei schulen not crye, whanne thei ben boundun.

14 The soule of hem schal die in tempest; and the lijf of hem among `men of wymmens condiciouns.

15 He schal delyuere a pore man fro his angwisch; and he schal opene `the eere of hym in tribulacioun.

16 Therfor he schal saue thee fro the streit mouth of the broddeste tribulacioun, and not hauynge a foundement vndur it; sotheli the rest of thi table schal be ful of fatnesse.

17 Thi cause is demed as the cause of a wickid man; forsothe thou schalt resseyue thi cause and doom.

18 Therfor ire ouercome thee not, that thou oppresse ony man; and the multitude of yiftis bowe thee not.

19 Putte doun thi greetnesse with out tribulacioun, and putte doun alle stronge men bi strengthe.

20 Dilaie thou not nyyt, that puplis stie for hem.

21 Be thou war, that thou bowe not to wickidnesse; for thou hast bigunne to sue this wickidnesse aftir wretchidnesse.

22 Lo! God is hiy in his strengthe, and noon is lijk hym among the yyueris of lawe.

23 Who mai seke out the weies of God? ethir who dar seie to hym, Thou hast wrouyt wickidnesse?

24 Haue thou mynde, that thou knowist not his werk, of whom men sungun.

25 Alle men seen God; ech man biholdith afer.

26 Lo! God is greet, ouercomynge oure kunnyng; the noumbre of hise yeeris is with out noumbre.

27 Which takith awei the dropis of reyn; and schedith out reynes at the licnesse of floodyatis,

28 whiche comen doun of the cloudis, that hilen alle thingis aboue.

29 If he wole stretche forthe cloudis as his tente,

30 and leite with his liyt fro aboue, he schal hile, yhe,

31 the herris of the see. For bi these thingis he demeth puplis, and yyueth mete to many deedli men.

32 In hondis he hidith liyt; and comaundith it, that it come eft.

33 He tellith of it to his freend, that it is his possessioun; and that he may stie to it.

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