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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Job

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Esther Job Psalms

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1 And Helyu pronounside, and spak also these thingis,

2 Wise men, here ye my wordis, and lerned men, herkne ye me; for the eere preueth wordis,

3 and the throte demeth metis bi taast.

4 Chese we doom to vs; and se we among vs, what is the betere.

5 For Job seide, Y am iust, and God hath distried my doom.

6 For whi lesynge is in demynge me, and myn arowe is violent with out ony synne.

7 Who is a man, as Joob is, that drynkith scornyng as watir?

8 that goith with men worchynge wickidnesse, and goith with vnfeithful men?

9 For he seide, A man schal not plese God, yhe, thouy he renneth with God.

10 Therfor ye men hertid, `that is, vndurstonde, here ye me; vnpite, `ethir cruelte, be fer fro God, and wickidnesse fro Almyyti God.

11 For he schal yelde the werk of man to hym; and bi the weies of ech man he schal restore to hym.

12 For verili God schal not condempne with out cause; nether Almyyti God schal distrie doom.

13 What othere man hath he ordeyned on the lond? ether whom hath he set on the world, which he made?

14 If God dressith his herte to hym, he schal drawe to hym silf his spirit and blast.

15 Ech fleisch schal faile togidere; `and a man schal turne ayen in to aisch.

16 Therfor if thou hast vndurstondyng, here thou that that is seid, and herkne the vois of my speche.

17 Whether he that loueth not doom may be maad hool? and hou condempnest thou so myche him, that is iust?

18 Which seith to the kyng, Thou art apostata; which clepith the duykis vnpitouse, `ethir vnfeithful.

19 `Which takith not the persoones of princes, nether knew a tyraunt, whanne he stryuede ayens a pore man; for alle men ben the werk of hise hondis.

20 Thei schulen die sudeynli, and at mydnyyt puplis schulen be troblid, `ethir schulen be bowid, as othere bookis han; and schulen passe, and schulen take `awei `a violent man with out hond.

21 For the iyen of God ben on the weies of men, and biholdith alle goyngis of hem.

22 No derknessis ben, and no schadewe of deeth is, that thei, that worchen wickidnesse, be hid there;

23 for it is `no more in the power of man, that he come to God in to doom.

24 God schal al to-breke many men and vnnoumbrable; and schal make othere men to stonde for hem.

25 For he knowith the werkis of hem; therfor he schal brynge yn niyt, and thei schulen be al to-brokun.

26 He smoot hem, as vnpitouse men, in the place of seinge men.

27 Whiche yeden awei fro hym bi `castyng afore, and nolden vndurstonde alle hise weies.

28 That thei schulden make the cry of a nedi man to come to hym, and that he schulde here the vois of pore men.

29 For whanne he grauntith pees, who is that condempneth? Sithen he hidith his cheer, who is that seeth hym? And on folkis and on alle men `he hath power `to do siche thingis.

30 Which makith `a man ypocrite to regne, for the synnes of the puple.

31 Therfor for Y haue spoke to God, also Y schal not forbede thee.

32 If Y erride, teche thou me; if Y spak wickidnesse, Y schal no more adde.

33 Whether God axith that wickidnesse of thee, for it displeside thee? For thou hast bigunne to speke, and not Y; that if thou knowist ony thing betere, speke thou.

34 Men vndurstondynge, speke to me; and a wise man, here me.

35 Forsothe Joob spak folili, and hise wordis sownen not techyng.

36 My fadir, be Joob preuede `til to the ende; ceesse thou not fro the man of wickidnesse,

37 `that addith blasfemye ouer hise synnes. Be he constreyned among vs in the meene tyme; and thanne bi hise wordis stire he God to the doom.

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