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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Job

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Esther Job Psalms

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1 But now yongere men in tyme scornen me, whos fadris Y deynede not to sette with the doggis of my flok.

2 Of whiche men the vertu of hondis was for nouyt to me, and thei weren gessid vnworthi to that lijf.

3 Thei weren bareyn for nedynesse and hungur; that gnawiden in wildirnesse, and weren pale for pouert and wretchidnesse;

4 and eeten eerbis, aud the ryndis of trees; and the roote of iunyperis was her mete.

5 Whiche men rauyschiden these thingis fro grete valeis; and whanne thei hadden foundun ony of alle, thei runnen with cry to tho.

6 Thei dwelliden in deseertis of strondis, and in caues of erthe, ethir on grauel, `ethir on cley.

7 Whiche weren glad among siche thingis, and arettiden delices to be vndur buschis.

8 The sones of foolis and of vnnoble men, and outirli apperynge not in erthe.

9 But now Y am turned in to the song of hem, and Y am maad a prouerbe to hem.

10 Thei holden me abhomynable, and fleen fer fro me, and dreden not to spete on my face.

11 For God hath openyd his arowe caas, and hath turmentid me, and hath set a bridil in to my mouth.

12 At the riytside of the eest my wretchidnessis risiden anoon; thei turneden vpsedoun my feet, and oppressiden with her pathis as with floodis.

13 Thei destrieden my weies; thei settiden tresoun to me, and hadden the maistri; and `noon was that helpide.

14 Thei felden in on me as bi a brokun wal, and bi yate openyd, and weren stretchid forth to my wretchidnessis.

15 Y am dryuun in to nouyt; he took awei my desir as wynd, and myn helpe passide awei as a cloude.

16 But now my soule fadith in my silf, and daies of turment holden me stidfastly.

17 In nyyt my boon is persid with sorewis; and thei, that eten me, slepen not.

18 In the multitude of tho my cloth is wastid, and thei han gird me as with coler of a coote.

19 Y am comparisound to cley, and Y am maad lijk to a deed sparcle and aisch.

20 Y schal cry to thee, and thou schalt not here me; Y stonde, and thou biholdist not me.

21 Thou art chaungid in to cruel to me, and in the hardnesse of thin hond thou art aduersarie to me.

22 Thou hast reisid me, and hast set as on wynd; and hast hurtlid me doun strongli.

23 Y woot, that thow schalt bitake me to deeth, where an hows is ordeyned to ech lyuynge man.

24 Netheles thou sendist not out thin hond to the wastyng of hem; and if thei fallen doun, thou schalt saue.

25 Y wepte sum tyme on him, that was turmentid, and my soule hadde compassioun on a pore man.

26 Y abood goodis, and yuelis ben comun to me; Y abood liyt, and derknessis braken out.

27 Myn ynnere thingis buyliden out with outen my reste; daies of turment camen bifor me.

28 Y yede morenynge, and Y roos with out woodnesse in the cumpenye, and criede.

29 Y was the brother of dragouns, and the felow of ostrigis.

30 My skyn was maad blak on me, and my boonys drieden for heete.

31 Myn harpe is turned in to morenyng, and myn orgun in to the vois of weperis.

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