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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Job

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Esther Job Psalms

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1 Also Joob addide, takynge his parable, and seide,

2 God lyueth, that hath take awey my doom, and Almyyti God, that hath brouyt my soule to bitternesse.

3 For as long as breeth is in me, and the spirit of God is in my nose thirlis,

4 my lippis schulen not speke wickidnesse, nether my tunge schal thenke a leesyng.

5 Fer be it fro me, that Y deme you iust; til Y faile, Y schal not go awei fro myn innocence.

6 Y schal not forsake my iustifiyng, which Y bigan to holde; for myn herte repreueth me not in al my lijf.

7 As my wickid enemy doth; myn aduersarie is as wickid.

8 For what is the hope of an ypocrite, if he rauyschith gredili, and God delyuerith not his soule?

9 Whether God schal here the cry of hym, whanne angwisch schal come on hym?

10 ether whether he may delite in Almyyti God, and inwardli clepe God in al tyme?

11 Y schal teche you bi the hond of God, what thingis Almyyti God hath; and Y schal not hide.

12 Lo! alle ye knowen, and what speken ye veyn thingis with out cause?

13 This is the part of a wickid man anentis God, and the eritage of violent men, ether rauenours, whiche thei schulen take of Almyyti God.

14 If hise children ben multiplied, thei schulen be slayn in swerd; and hise sones sones schulen not be fillid with breed.

15 Thei, that ben residue of hym, schulen be biried in perischyng; and the widewis of hym schulen not wepe.

16 If he gaderith togidere siluer as erthe, and makith redi clothis as cley;

17 sotheli he made redi, but a iust man schal be clothid in tho, and an innocent man schal departe the siluer.

18 As a mouyte he hath bildid his hous, and as a kepere he made a schadewyng place.

19 A riche man, whanne he schal die, schal bere no thing with hym; he schal opene hise iyen, and he schal fynde no thing.

20 Pouert as water schal take hym; and tempeste schal oppresse hym in the nyyt.

21 Brennynge wynd schal take hym, and schal do awei; and as a whirlewynd it schal rauysche hym fro his place.

22 He schal sende out turmentis on hym, and schal not spare; he fleynge schal `fle fro his hond.

23 He schal streyne hise hondis on him, and he schal hisse on hym, and schal biholde his place.

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