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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / 2 Chronicles

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

1 Chronicles 2 Chronicles Ezra

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1 Therfor Salomon brouyte in alle thingis, siluer and gold, whiche Dauid, his fadir, hadde avowid; and he puttide alle vesselis in the tresouris of the hows of the Lord.

2 After whiche thingis he gaderide togidere alle the grettere men in birthe of Israel, and alle the princes of lynagis, and the heedis of meynees, of the sones of Israel, in to Jerusalem, that thei schulden brynge the arke of boond of pees of the Lord fro the citee of Dauid, which is Syon.

3 Therfor alle men of Israel camen to the kyng, in the solempne dai of the seuenthe monethe.

4 And whanne alle the eldre men of Israel `weren comen, the dekenes baren the arke,

5 and brouyten it in, and al the aray of the tabernacle. Forsothe the preestis with the dekenes baren the vessels of seyntuarie, that weren in the tabernacle.

6 Sotheli kyng Salomon, and alle the cumpenyes of Israel, and alle that weren gaderid to gidere, offriden bifor the arke wetheris and oxis with outen ony noumbre; for the multitude of slayn sacrifices was `so greet.

7 And preestis brouyten the arke of boond of pees of the Lord in to his place, that is, to Goddis answeryng place of the temple, in to the hooli of hooli thingis, vndur the wyngis of cherubyns;

8 so that cherubyns spredden forth her wyngis ouer the place, in which the arke was put, and hiliden thilke arke with hise barris.

9 Sotheli the heedis, by which the arke was borun, weren opyn bifor Goddis answeryng place, for tho heedis weren a litil lengere; but if a man hadde be a litil with out forth, he myyt not se tho barris. Therfor the arke was there til in to present dai;

10 and noon other thing was in the arke, no but twei tablis, whiche Moyses hadde put in Oreb, whanne the Lord yaf the lawe to the sones of Israel goynge out of Egipt.

11 Forsothe the prestis yeden out of the seyntuarie, for alle preestis, that myyten be foundun there, weren halewid, and the whiles, and the ordre of seruyces among hem was not departid yit in that tyme;

12 bothe dekenes and syngeris, that is, bothe thei that weren vndur Asaph, and thei that weren vndur Eman, and thei that weren vndur Idithum, her sones and britheren, clothid with white lynun clothis, sownyden with cymbalis and sautrees and harpis, and stoden at the west coost of the auter, and with hem weren sixe score preestis trumpynge.

13 Therfor whanne alle sungen togidur both with trumpis, and vois, and cymbalis, and orguns, and of dyuerse kynde of musikis, and reisiden the vois an hiy, the sown was herd fer, so that whanne thei hadden bigunne to preyse the Lord, and to seie, Knouleche ye to the Lord, for he is good, for his mercy is in to the world, `ether, with outen ende; the hows of God was fillid with a cloude,

14 and the preestis miyten not stonde and serue for the derknesse; for the glorie of the Lord hadde fillid the hows of the Lord.

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