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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / 2 Chronicles

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

1 Chronicles 2 Chronicles Ezra

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1 Also he made a brasun auter of twenti cubitis of lengthe, and of twenti cubitis of breede, and of ten cubitis of heiythe;

2 he made also a yotun see of ten cubitis fro brynke til to brynke, round bi cumpas; it hadde fyue cubitis of heiythe; and a coorde of thritti cubitis cumpasside the cumpas therof.

3 And the licnesse of oxis was vndur it, and bi ten cubitis summe grauyngis with outforth cumpassiden the brynke of the see as with tweyne ordris; sotheli the oxis weren yotun.

4 And thilke see was set on twelue oxis, of whiche oxis thre bihelden to the north, and othere thre to the west, sotheli thre othere bihelden the south, and thre `that weren residue bihelden the eest, and hadden the see set aboue; but the hyndrere partis of the oxis weren with ynne vndur the see.

5 Sotheli the thicknesse therof hadde the mesure of a pawm of the hond, and the brynke therof was as the brynke of a cuppe, ethir of a lilie crokid ayen, and it took thre thousynde metretis of mesure.

6 Also he made ten holowe vessels, and settide fyue at the riytside, and fyue at the leftside, that thei schulden waische in tho alle thingis, whiche thei schulden offre in to brent sacrifice; sotheli the preestis weren waischun in the see.

7 Sotheli he made ten goldun candilstikis bi the licknesse which he hadde comaundid to be maad, and he settide tho in the temple, fyue at the riytside and fyue at the leftsid.

8 And he made also ten boordis, and settide tho in the temple, fyue at the riytside and fyue at the leftside.

9 Also he made an hundrid goldun viols. `Also he made a large place of preestis, and a greet hows, and doris in the greet hows, which he hilide with bras.

10 Forsothe he settide the see in the riytsyde ayens the eest at the south.

11 Also Iram made cawdruns, and fleischokis, and viols, and he fillide al the werk of the kyng in the hows of God,

12 that is, twei pilers, and pomels, and heedis, and as summe nettis, that hiliden the heedis aboue the pomels;

13 also he made fourti pumgarnadis, and twei werkis lijk nettis, so that two ordris of pumgarnadis weren ioyned to ech werk like nettis, which hiliden the pomels, and heedis of the pilers.

14 He made also foundementis, and holow vessels, whiche he settide on the foundementis;

15 he made o see, and twelue oxis vndur the see,

16 and caudruns, and fleischookis, and viols. Iram, the fadir of Salomon, made to hym alle vessels in the hows of the Lord of clennest bras.

17 The kyng yetide tho in the cuntrey of Jordan, in cleiy lond bitwixe Socoth and Saredata.

18 Forsothe the multitude of vessels was vnnoumbrable, so that the weiyte of bras was not knowun.

19 And Salomon made alle the vessels of Goddis hows, the goldun auter, `and bordis, and loouys of settyng forth on tho;

20 and candilstikis of purest gold, with her lanternes, that tho schulden schyne bifor Goddis answering place bi the custom;

21 and he made summe werkis lijk flouris, and lanternes, and goldun tongis; alle thingis weren maad of clennest gold;

22 also he made pannes for colis to brenne encense, and censeris, and viols, and morters, of pureste gold. And he grauyde doris of the ynnere temple, that is, in the hooli of hooli thingis, and the goldun doris of the temple with out forth; and so al the werk was fillid that Salomon made in the hows of the Lord.

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