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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / 1 Chronicles

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

2 Kings 1 Chronicles 2 Chronicles

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1 Forsothe these weren the departingis of porteris; of the sones of Chore, Mellesemye was the sone of Chore, of the sones of Asaph.

2 The sones of Mellesemie weren Zacharie the firste gendrid, Jedihel the secounde, Zabadie the thridde, Yathanyel the fourthe,

3 Aylam the fifthe, Johannan the sixte, Helioenay the seuenthe.

4 Forsothe the sones of Ebededom weren these; Semey the firste gendrid, Jozabab the secounde, Joaha the thridde, Seccar the fourthe, Nathanael the fyuethe,

5 Amyhel the sixte, Isachar the seuenthe, Pollathi the eiythe, for the Lord blesside hym.

6 Forsothe to Semeye, his sone, weren borun sones, souereyns of her meynees; for thei weren ful stronge men.

7 Therfor the sones of Semeye weren Othyn, and Raphael, and Obediel, and Zadab; and hise britheren, ful stronge men; also Helyu, and Samathie.

8 Alle these weren of the sones of Obededom; thei and her sones and britheren, ful stronge men for to serue, two and sixti of Obededom.

9 Sotheli of Mellesemeye, the sones and britheren, ful stronge, `weren eiytene.

10 Forsothe of Oza, that is, of the sones of Merarie, Sechri was prince; for he hadde no firste gendrid, and therfor his fadir settide hym in to prince;

11 and Elchias the secounde, Thebelias the thridde, Zacarie the fourthe; alle these threttene weren the sones and britheren of Osa.

12 These weren departid in to porteris, that euere the princes of kepyngis, as also her britheren, schulden mynystre in the hows of the Lord.

13 Therfor lottis weren sent euenly, bothe to the litle and to the grete, bi her meyneeis, in to ech of the yatis.

14 Therfor the lot of the eest bifelde to Semelie; forsothe the north coost bifelde bi lot to Zacarie, his sone, a ful prudent man and lernd;

15 sotheli to Obededom and hise sones at the southe, in which part of the hows the counsel of the eldre men was;

16 Sephyma and Thosa weren at the west, bisidis the yate that ledith to the weie of stiyng, kepyng ayens kepyng.

17 Sotheli at the eest weren sixe dekenes, and at the north weren foure bi dai; and at the south also weren foure at the myddai; and, where the counsel was, weren tweyne and tweyne.

18 And in the sellis, ethir `litle housis, of porteris at the west, weren foure in the weie, and tweyne bi the sellis.

19 These weren the departyngis of porteris, of the sones of Chore and of Merary.

20 Forsothe Achias was ouer the tresours of the hows of the Lord, and ouer the vessels of hooli thingis.

21 The sones of Leedan, the sone of Gerson; of Leedan weren the princis of meynees of Leedan, and of Gerson, and of Jehiel.

22 The sones of Jehiel weren, Zethan, and Johel, his brother, ouer the tresours of the hows of the Lord,

23 Amramytis, and Isaaritis, and Ebronytis, and Ezielitis.

24 Forsothe Subahel, the sone of Gerson, sone of Moises, was souereyn of the tresour;

25 and his brother, Eliezer; whos sone was Raabia; and his sone was Asaye; his sone was Joram; and his sone was Zechry; but and his sone was Selemith.

26 Thilke Selemith, and his britheren, weren ouer the tresours of hooli thingis, whiche `Dauid the kyng halewide, and the princes of meynees, and the tribunes, and the centuriouns, and the duykis of the oost,

27 of the batels, and of the spuylis of batels, whiche thei halewiden to the reparacioun and purtenaunce of the temple of the Lord.

28 Forsothe Samuel, the prophete, halewide alle these thingis, and Saul, the sone of Cys, and Abner, the sone of Ner, and Joab, the sone of Saruye; and alle halewiden tho thingis bi the hond of Salemyth, and of his britheren.

29 Sotheli Chonenye was souereyn and hise sones to Isaaritis, to the werkis with outforth on Israel, to teche and to deme hem.

30 Sotheli of Ebronytis, Asabie, and Sabie, and hise britheren, ful stronge men, a thousynde and seuene hundrid, weren souereyns on Israel biyende Jordan ayens the weste, in alle the werkis of the Lord, and in to the seruyce of the kyng.

31 Forsothe Herie was prynce of Ebronytis, bi her meynees and kynredis. In the fourtithe yeer of the rewme of Dauid there weren noumbred and foundun ful stronge men in Jazer Galaad;

32 and hise britheren, of strongere age, twei thousynde and seuene hundrid, princes of meynees. Sotheli `Dauid the kyng made hem souereyns of Rubenytis and Gaditis, and of the half lynage of Manasses, `in to al the seruyce of God and of the kyng.

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