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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / 1 Chronicles

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

2 Kings 1 Chronicles 2 Chronicles

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1 Forsothe to the sones of Aaron these porciouns schulen be; the sones of Aaron weren Nadab, and Abyud, Eleazar, and Ythamar;

2 but Nadab and Abyud weren deed with out fre children bifor her fadir, and Eleazar and Ythamar weren set in presthod.

3 And Dauith departide hem, that is, Sadoch, of the sones of Eleazar, and Achymelech, of the sones of Ithamar, by her whiles and seruyce;

4 and the sones of Eleazar weren founden many mo in the men princes, than the sones of Ythamar. Forsothe he departide to hem, that is, to the sones of Eleazar, sixtene prynces bi meynees; and to the sones of Ythamar eiyte prynces bi her meynees and howsis.

5 Sotheli he departide euer eithir meynees among hem silf bi lottis; for there weren princes of the seyntuarye, and princes of the hows of God, as wel of the sones of Eleazar as of the sones of Ithamar.

6 And Semeye, the sone of Nathanael, a scribe of the lynage of Leuy, discriuede hem bifore the king and pryncis, and bifor Sadoch, the preest, and Achymelech, the sone of Abiathar, and to the prynces of meynees of the preestis and of the dekenes; he discriuyde oon hows of Eleazar, that was souereyn to othere, and `the tother hows of Ithamar, that hadde othere vndir hym.

7 Forsothe the firste lot yede out to Joiarib, the secounde to Jedeie,

8 the thridde to Aharym, the fourthe to Seorym,

9 the fyuethe to Melchie,

10 the sixte to Maynan, the seuenthe to Accos,

11 the eiythe to Abia, the nynthe to Hieusu, the tenthe to Sechema, the elleuenthe to Eliasib,

12 the tweluethe to Jacyn,

13 the thrittenthe to Opha, the fourtenthe to Isbaal,

14 the fiftenthe to Abelga, the sixtenthe to Emmer,

15 the seuententhe to Ezir, the eiytenthe to Ahapses, the nyntenthe to Pheseye,

16 the twentithe to Jezechel,

17 the oon and twentithe to Jachym, the two and twentithe to Gamul, the thre and twentithe to Dalayam,

18 the foure and twentithe to Mazzian.

19 These weren the whilis of hem bi her mynysteries, that thei entre in to the hows of God, and bi her custom vndur the hond of Aaron, her fadir, as the Lord God of Israel comaundide.

20 Forsothe Sebahel was prince of the sones of Leuy that weren resydue, of the sones of Amram; and the sone of Sebahel was Jedeie;

21 also Jesie was prince of the sones of Roobie.

22 Sotheli Salomoth was prince of Isaaris; and the sone of Salamoth was Janadiath;

23 and his firste sone was Jeriuans, `Amarie the secounde, Azihel the thridde, `Jethmoan the fourthe.

24 The sone of Ozihel was Mycha; the sone of Mycha was Samyr;

25 the brother of Mycha was Jesia; and the sone of Jesia was Zacharie.

26 The sones of Merary weren Mooli and Musi; the sone of Josyan was Bennon;

27 and the sone of Merarie was Ozian, and Soen, and Zaccur, and Hebri.

28 Sotheli the sone of Mooli was Eleazar, that hadde not fre sones; forsothe the sone of Cys was Jeremyhel;

29 the sones of Musy weren Mooli,

30 Eder, Jerymuth. These weren the sones of Leuy, bi the housis of her meynees.

31 Also and thei senten lottis ayens her britheren, the sones of Aaron, bifor Dauid the kyng, and bifor Sadoch, and Achymelech, and the princes of meynees of preestis and of dekenes; lot departide euenli alle, bothe the gretter and the lesse.

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