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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / 1 Chronicles

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

2 Kings 1 Chronicles 2 Chronicles

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1 And Dauid seide, This is the hows of God, and this auter is in to brent sacrifice of Israel.

2 And he comaundide that alle conuersis fro hethenesse to the lawe of Israel `schulden be gaderid `of the lond of Israel; and he ordeynede of hem masouns for to kytte stoonys and for to polische, that the hows of the Lord schulde be bildid;

3 also Dauid made redy ful myche yrun to the nailes of the yatis, and to the medlyngis and ioyntouris, and vnnoumbrable weiyte of bras;

4 also the trees of cedre myyten not be gessid, whiche the men of Sidonye and the men of Tyre brouyten to Dauid.

5 And Dauid seide, Salomon, my sone, is a litil child and delicat; sotheli the hows, which Y wole be bildid to the Lord, owith to be sich, that it be named in alle cuntrees; therfor Y schal make redi necessaries to hym. And for this cause Dauid bifor his deeth made redi alle costis.

6 And he clepide Salomon, his sone, and comaundide to hym, that he schulde bilde an hows to the Lord God of Israel.

7 And Dauid seide to Salomon, My sone, it was my wille to bilde an hows to the name of `my Lord God;

8 but the word of the Lord was made to me, and seide, Thou hast sched out myche blood, and thou hast fouyt ful many batels; thou mayst not bilde an hows to my name, for thou hast sched out so myche blood bifor me;

9 the sone that schal be borun to thee, schal be a man most pesible, for Y schal make hym to haue reste of alle hise enemyes bi cumpas, and for this cause he schal be clepid pesible, and Y schal yyue pees and reste in Israel in alle hise daies.

10 He schal bilde an hows to my name; he schal be to me in to a sone, and Y schal be to hym in to a fadir, and Y schal make stidefast the seete of his rewme on Israel withouten ende.

11 Now therfor, my sone, the Lord be with thee, and haue thou prosperite, and bilde thou an hows to `thi Lord God, as he spak of thee.

12 And the Lord yyue to thee prudence and wit, that thou mow gouerne Israel, and kepe the lawe of `thi Lord God.

13 For thanne thou maist profite, if thou kepist the comaundementis and domes, whiche the Lord comaundide to Moises, that he schulde teche Israel; be thou coumfortid, and do manli, drede thou not `with outforth, nether drede thou `with ynne.

14 Lo! in my pouert Y haue maad redi the costis of the hows of the Lord; an hundrid thousinde talentis of gold, and a thousynde thousynde talentis of siluer; sotheli of bras and irun is no weiyte, for the noumbre is ouercomun bi greetnesse; Y haue maad redi trees and stoonys to alle costis.

15 Also thou hast ful many crafti men, masouns, and leggeris of stonys, and crafti men of trees, and of alle craftis,

16 most prudent to make werk, in gold, and siluer, and bras, and in yrun, of which is no noumbre; therfor rise thou, and make, and the Lord schal be with thee.

17 Also Dauid comaundide to alle the princis of Israel, that thei schulden helpe Salomon,

18 his sone, and seide, Ye seen, that `youre Lord God is with you, and hath youe to you reste `by cumpas, and hath bitake alle enemyes in youre hoond, and the erthe is suget bifor the Lord, and bifor his puple.

19 Therfor yyue youre hertis and youre soulis, that ye seke `youre Lord God; and rise ye togidere, and bilde ye a seyntuarie to `youre Lord God, that the arke of boond of pees of the Lord be brouyt in, and that vessels halewid to the Lord be brouyt in to the hows, which is bildid to the name of the Lord.

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