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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / 1 Chronicles

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

2 Kings 1 Chronicles 2 Chronicles

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1 Therfor thei brouyten the arke of God, and settiden it in the myddis of the tabernacle, that Dauid hadde araied therto; and thei offriden brent sacrifices and pesible sacrifices bifor the Lord.

2 And whanne Dauid offrynge brent sacrifices and pesible sacrifices hadde fillid, he blesside the puple in the name of the Lord;

3 and departide to alle to ech bi hym silf fro a man til to a womman o cake of breed, and a part of rostid fleisch of a bugle, and flour fried in oile.

4 And he ordeynede bifor the arke of the Lord, of the Leuytis, that schulden mynystre, and haue mynde of the werkis of the Lord, and glorifie and preyse the Lord God of Israel;

5 `he ordeynede Asaph the prince, and Zacharie his secounde; forsothe `he ordeynede Jahiel, and Semiramoth, and Jahel, and Mathathie, and Eliab, and Banaye, and Obededom, and Jehiel, on the orguns, on the sautrie, and on the harpis; but he ordeynede Asaph to sowne with cymbalis;

6 sotheli he ordeynede Banaye and Aziel, preestis, bifor the arke of the boond of pees of the Lord, for to trumpe contynueli.

7 In that dai Dauid made Asaph prince, and hise britheren, for to knowleche `to the Lord.

8 Knowleche ye to the Lord, and inwardli clepe ye his name; make ye hise fyndyngis knowun among puplis.

9 Synge ye to hym, and seie ye salm to hym, and telle ye alle his merueylis.

10 Preise ye his hooli name; the herte of men sekynge the Lord be glad.

11 Seke ye the Lord and his vertu; seke ye euere his face.

12 Haue ye mynde of hise merueilis whiche he dide; of hise signes, and of the domes of his mouth.

13 The seed of Israel, his seruaunt, preise thou God; the sones of Jacob, his chosun, preise ye God.

14 He is `oure Lord God; hise domes ben in ech lond.

15 Haue ye mynde with outen ende of his couenaunt; of the word whiche he couenauntide `in to a thousynde generaciouns.

16 Which word he couenauntide with Abraham; and of his ooth to Ysaac.

17 And he ordeynede that to Jacob in to a comaundement; and to Israel in to euerlastynge couenaunt.

18 And seide, To thee Y schal yyue the lond of Canaan; the part of youre erytage.

19 Whanne thei weren fewe in noumbre; litle, and pilgrims therof.

20 And thei passiden fro folk in to the folk; and fro a rewme to another puple.

21 He suffride not ony man falseli chalenge hem; but he blamyde kyngis for hem.

22 Nyle ye touche my cristis; and nyle ye do wickidli ayens my prophetis.

23 Al erthe, singe ye to the Lord; telle ye fro dai into dai his helthe.

24 Telle ye among hethen men his glorie; hise merueylis among alle puplis.

25 For the Lord is greet, and worthi to be preisid ful myche; and he is orible, `ethir griseful, ouer alle goddis.

26 For alle the goddis of puplis ben idols; but the Lord made heuenes.

27 Knoulechyng and greet doyng ben bifor hym; strengthe and ioy ben in the place of hym.

28 Ye meynees of puplis, `bringe ye to the Lord; brynge ye to the Lord glorie and empire.

29 Yyue ye glorie to his name, reise ye sacrifice, and come ye in his siyt; and worschipe ye the Lord in hooli fairnesse.

30 Al erthe be mouyd fro his face; for he foundide the world vnmouable.

31 Heuenes be glad, and the erthe `ioy fulli; and seie thei among naciouns, The Lord schal regne.

32 The see thundre, and his fulnesse; the feeldis fulli ioye, and alle thingis that ben in tho.

33 Thanne the trees of the forest schulen preyse bifor the Lord; for he cometh to deme the erthe.

34 Knouleche ye to the Lord, for he is good; for his mersi is withouten ende.

35 And seie ye, Thou God oure sauyour, saue vs, and gadere vs, and delyuere vs fro hethen men; that we knowleche to thin hooli name, and be fulli glade in thi songis.

36 Blessid be the Lord God of Israel fro with oute bigynnyng and til `in to with outen ende; and al the puple seie, Amen, and seie heriyng to God.

37 Therfor Dauid lefte there, bifor the arke of boond of pees of the Lord, Asaph and hise britheren, for to mynystre in the siyt of the arke contynueli bi alle daies and her whilis.

38 Forsothe he ordeynede porteris, Obededom and hise britheren, eiyte and sixti, and Obededom, the sone of Idithum, and Oza.

39 Sotheli `he ordeynede Sadoch preest, and hise britheren, preestis bifor the tabernacle of the Lord, in the hiy place that was in Gabaon,

40 for to offre brent sacrifices to the Lord on the auter of brent sacrifice contynueli, in the morwetid and euentid, bi alle thingis that ben writun in the lawe of the Lord, which he comaundide to Israel.

41 And aftir hym Dauyd ordeynede Eman, and Idithum, and other chosene, ech man bi his name, for to knowleche to the Lord; for his mercy is withouten ende.

42 Also he ordeynede Eman, and Idithum, trumpynge, and schakynge cymbalis, and alle orguns of musikis, for to synge to God; forsothe he made the sones of Idithum to be portours, `ether bereris.

43 And al the puple turnede ayen in to her hows, and Dauid turnede ayen, to blesse also his hows.

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