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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / 1 Chronicles

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

2 Kings 1 Chronicles 2 Chronicles

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1 Forsothe Filisteis fouyten ayens Israel, and the sones of Israel fledden Palestyns, and felden doun woundid in the hil of Gelboe.

2 And whanne Filisteis hadde neiyed pursuynge Saul and hise sones, thei killiden Jonathan, and Abynadab, and Melchisue, the sones of Saul.

3 And the batel was agreggid ayens Saul; and men archeris foundun hym, and woundiden hym with dartis.

4 And Saul seide to his squiere, Drawe out thi swerd, and sle me, leste these vncircumcidid men come, and scorne me. Sothli his squyer was aferd bi drede, and nolde do this; therfor Saul took a swerd, and felde on it.

5 And whanne his squyer hadde seyn this, that is, that Saul was deed, he felde also on his swerd, and was deed.

6 Therfor Saul perischide, and hise thre sones, and al his hows felde doun togidere.

7 And whanne the men of Israel, that dwelliden in feeldi places, hadden seyn this, thei fledden; and whanne Saul and hise sones weren deed, thei forsoken her citees, and weren scaterid hidur and thidur; and Filisteis camen, and dwelliden in tho.

8 Therfor in the tother day Filisteis drowen awei the spuylis of slayn men, and founden Saul and hise sones liggynge in the hil of Gelboe.

9 And whanne thei hadden spuylid hym, and hadden gird of the heed, and hadden maad hym nakid of armeris, thei senten in to her lond, that it schulde be borun aboute, and schulde be schewid in the templis of idols and to puplis;

10 forsothe thei halewiden his armeris in the temple of her god, and thei settiden the heed in the temple of Dagon.

11 Whanne men of Jabes of Galad hadden herd this, that is, alle thingis whiche the Filisteis diden on Saul,

12 alle stronge men risiden togidere, and took the deed bodies of Saul and of hise sones, and brouyten tho in to Jabes; and thei birieden the boonus of hem vndur an ook, that was in Jabes; and thei fastiden seuene daies.

13 Therfor Saul was deed for hise wickidnessis, for he brak the comaundement of the Lord, whiche he comaundide, and kepte not it, but ferthirmore also he took counsel at a womman hauynge a feend spekynge in the wombe, and he hopide not in the Lord;

14 for which thing both the Lord killide hym, and translatide his rewme to Dauid, sone of Ysay.

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