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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / 1 Kings

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

2 Samuel 1 Kings 2 Kings

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1 Forsothe kyng Salomon louyde brennyngli many alien wymmen, and the douytir of Pharao, and wymmen of Moab, and Amonytis, and Ydumeis, and Sydoneis, and Etheis;

2 of the folkis of whiche the Lord seide to the sones of Israel, Ye schulen not entre to tho folkis, nether ony of hem schulen entre to you; for most certeynli thei schulen turne awei youre hertis, that ye sue the goddis of hem. Therfor kyng Salomon was couplid to these wymmen, bi moost brennyng loue.

3 And wyues as queenys weren seuene hundrid to hym, and thre hundrid secundarie wyues; and the wymmen turneden awey his herte.

4 And whanne he was thanne eld, his herte was bischrewid bi wymmen, that he suede alien goddis; and his herte was not perfit with his Lord God, as the herte of Dauid, his fadir, `was perfit.

1 Kings 11:4 - Solomon Falls Into Sin
Solomon Falls Into Sin
5 But Salomon worschipide Astartes, the goddesse of Sidoneis, and Chamos, the god of Moabitis, and Moloch, the idol of Amonytis;

6 and Salomon dide that, that pleside not bifor the Lord, and he fillide not that he suede the Lord, as Dauid, his fadir, dide.

7 Thanne Salomon bildide a temple to Chamos, the idol of Moab, in the hil which is ayens Jerusalem, and to Moloch, the idol of the sones of Amon.

8 And bi this maner he dide to alle hise alien wyues, that brenten encencis, and offriden to her goddis.

9 Therfor the Lord was wrooth to Salomon, for his soule was turned awei fro the Lord God of Israel; that apperide to Salomon the secounde tyme,

10 and comaundide of this word, that he schulde not sue alien goddis; and he kepte not tho thingis, whiche the Lord comaundide to hym.

11 Therfor the Lord seide to Salomon, For thou haddist this thing anentis thee, and keptist not my couenaunt, and myn heestis, whiche Y comaundide to thee, Y schal breke, and Y schal departe thi rewme, and Y schal yyue it to thi seruaunt.

12 Netheles Y schal not do in thi daies, for Dauid, thi fadir; Y schal kitte it fro the hond of thi sone;

13 nether Y schal do a wey al the rewme, but Y schal yyue o lynage to thi sone, for Dauid, my seruaunt, and for Jerusalem, which Y chess.

14 Forsothe the Lord reiside to Solomon an aduersarie, Adad Ydumey, of the kyngis seed, that was in Edom.

15 For whanne Dauid was in Ydumee, and Joab, the prince of chyualrie, hadde stied to birie hem that weren slayn, and he hadde slayn ech male kynde in Ydumee;

16 for Joab, and al Israel dwelliden there bi sixe monethis, til thei killiden ech male kynde in Ydumee; Adad hym silf fledde,

17 and men of Ydumee, of `the seruauntis of his fadir, with hym, that he schulde entre in to Egipt; sotheli Adad was a litil child.

18 And whanne thei hadden rise fro Madian, thei camen in to Faran; and thei token with hem men of Faran, and entriden in to Egipt, to Pharao, kyng of Egipt; which Farao yaf an hows to hym, and ordeynede metis, and assignede lond.

19 And Adad foond grace bifor Farao greetli, in so myche that Farao yaf to hym a wijf, the sister of his wijf, sister of the queen, of Taphnes.

20 And the sistir of Taphnes gendrid to hym a sone, Genebath; and Taphnes nurschide hym in the hows of Farao; and Genebath dwellide bifor Farao, with hise sones.

21 And whanne Adad hadde herd in Egipt, that Dauid slepte with hise fadris, and that Joab, the prince of chyualrie, was deed, he seide to Farao, Suffre thou me, that Y go in to my lond.

22 And Farao seide to hym, For of what thing hast thou nede at me, that thou sekist to go to thi lond? And he answeride, Of no thing; but Y biseche thee, that thou `delyuere me.

23 Also God reiside an aduersarie to Salomon, Rason, sone of Eliadam, that fledde Adadezer, kyng of Soba, his lord;

24 and gaderide men ayens hym, and was maad the prince of theuys, whanne Dauid killide hem; and thei yeden to Damask, and dwelliden there; and thei maden hym kyng in Damask.

25 And he was aduersarie of Israel in alle the daies of Salomon; and this is the yuel of Adad, and the hatrede ayens Israel; and he regnede in Sirie.

26 Also Jeroboam, sone of Nabath, of Effraym of Saredera, the seruaunt of Salomon, of which Jeroboam, a womman widewe, Serua bi name, was modir, reisyde hond ayens the kyng.

27 And this was cause of rebelte ayens the kyng; for Salomon bildide Mello, and made euene the swolowe of the citee of Dauid, his fadir.

28 Forsothe Jeroboam was a miyti man and strong; and Salomon siy the yong wexynge man of good kynrede, and witti in thingis to be doon, and Salomon made hym `prefect, ether souereyn, on the tributis of al the hows of Joseph.

29 Therfor it was doon in that tyme, that Jeroboam yede out of Jerusalem; and Ahias of Sylo, a profete, hilid with a newe mentil, foond hym in the weie; sotheli thei tweyne weren oneli in the feeld.

30 And Ahias took his newe mentil, with which he was hilid, and kittide in to twelue partis;

31 and seide to Jeroboam, Take to thee ten kyttyngis; for the Lord God of Israel seith these thingis, Lo! Y schal kytte the rewme fro the hond of Salomon, and Y schal yyue to thee ten lynagis;

32 forsothe o lynage schal dwelle to hym, for Dauid, my seruaunt, and for Jerusalem, the citee which Y chees of alle the lynagis of Israel;

33 this kittyng schal be; for Salomon forsook me, and worschipide Astartes, goddesse of Sidoneis, and Chamos, the god of Moab, and Moloch, the god of the sones of Amon; and yede not in my weies, that he dide riytwisnesse bifor me, and myn heestis, and my domes, as Dauid, his fadir, dide.

34 And Y schal not take awey al the rewme fro `his hond, but Y schal putte hym duyk in alle the daies of his lijf, for Dauid, my seruaunt, whom Y chees, which Dauid kepte myn heestis, and my comaundementis.

35 Sotheli Y schal take awey the rewme fro the hond of `his sone, and Y schal yyue ten lynagis to thee;

36 forsothe Y schal yyue o lynage to `his sone, that a lanterne dwelle to Dauid, my seruaunt, in alle daies bifor me in Jerusalem, the citee which Y chees, that my name schulde be there.

37 Forsothe Y schal take thee, and thou schalt regne on alle thingis whiche thi soule desirith, and thou schalt be kyng on Israel.

38 Therfor if thou schalt here alle thingis whiche Y schal comaunde to thee, and if thou schalt go in my weies, and if thou schalt do that, that is riytful bifore me, and if thou schalt kepe my comaundementis, and myn heestis, as Dauid, my seruaunt, dide, Y schal be with thee, and Y schal bilde a feithful hows to thee, as Y bildide an hows to Dauid, and Y schal yyue Israel to thee;

39 and Y schal turmente the seed of Dauid on this thing, netheles not in alle daies.

40 Therfor Salomon wolde sle Jeroboam, which roos, and fledde in to Egipt, to Susach, kyng of Egipt; and he was in Egipt `til to the deeth of Salomon.

41 Forsothe the residue of the wordis of Salomon, and alle thingis whiche he dide, and his wisdom, lo! alle thingis ben writun in the book of wordis of daies of Salomon.

42 Sotheli the daies bi whiche Salomon regnede in Jerusalem on al Israel, ben fourti yeer.

43 And Salomon slepte with hise fadris, and was biriede in the citee of Dauid, his fadir; and Roboam, his sone, regnede for hym.

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