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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Leviticus

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Exodus Leviticus Numbers

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1 Y am youre Lord God; ye schulen not make to you an ydol, and a grauun ymage, nether ye schulen reise titlis, nether ye schulen sette a noble stoon in youre lond, that ye worschipe it; for Y am youre Lord God.

2 Kepe ye my sabatis, and drede ye at my seyntuarie; Y am the Lord.

3 If ye gon in myn heestis, and kepen my comaundementis, and doon tho, Y schal yyue to you reynes in her tymes,

4 and the erthe schal brynge forth his fruyt, and trees schulen be fillid with applis;

5 the threschyng of ripe cornes schal take vyndage, and vyndage schal occupie seed, and ye schulen ete youre breed in fulnesse, and ye schulen dwelle in youre lond without drede.

6 Y schal yyue pees in youre coostis; ye schulen slepe, and noon schal be that schal make you aferd; Y schal do awei yuel beestis fro you, and a swerd schal not passe bi youre termes.

7 Ye schulen pursue youre enemyes, and thei schulen falle bifor you;

8 fyue of youre men schulen pursue an hundrid aliens, and an hundrid of you schulen pursue ten thousande; youre enemyes schulen falle bi swerd in youre siyt.

9 Y schal biholde you, and Y schal make you to encreesse; ye schulen be multiplied; and Y schal make stedfast my couenaunt with you;

10 ye schulen ete the eldest of elde thingis, and ye schulen caste forth elde thingis, whanne newe thingis schulen come aboue;

11 Y schal sette my tabernacle in the myddis of you, and my soule schal not caste you awey;

12 Y schal go among you, and Y schal be youre God, and ye schulen be a puple to me.

13 Y am youre Lord God, that ledde you out of the lond of Egipcians, that ye schulden not serue hem, and which haue broke the chaynes of youre nollis, that ye schulde go vpriyt.

14 That if ye heren not me, nether doon alle myn heestis,

15 and if ye forsaken my lawis, and despisen my domes, that ye doon not tho thingis that ben ordeyned of me, and that ye brengen my couenaunt to auoydyng, also Y schal do these thingis to you;

16 Y schal visyte you swiftly in nedynesse and brennyng, which schal turment youre iyen, and schal waste youre lyues; in veyn ye schulen sowe seed, that schal be deuourid of enemyes;

17 Y schal sette my face ayens you, and ye schulen falle bifor youre enemyes, and ye schulen be sugetis to hem that haten you; ye schulen fle, while no man pursueth.

18 But if nether so ye obeyen to me, Y schal adde youre chastisyngis seuenfold for youre synnes;

19 and Y schal al tobreke the pride of youre hardnesse, and Y schal yyue to you heuene aboue as of yrun, and the erthe as bras;

20 youre trauel schal be wastid in veyn, nether the erthe schal brynge forth fruyt, nethir trees schulen yyue applis.

21 If ye goon contrarie to me, nether wolen here me, Y schal adde youre woundis til in to seuenfold for youre synnes;

22 Y schal sende out in to you cruel beestis of the feeld, that schulen waste you and youre beestis, and schulen brynge alle thingis to fewnesse, and youre weies schulen be forsakun.

23 That if nether so ye wolen resseyue doctryn, but goon contrarie to me,

24 also Y schal go aduersarie ayens you, and Y schal smyte you seuen sithis for youre synnes;

25 and Y schal brynge yn on you the swerd, vengere of my boond of pees; and whanne ye fleen in to citees, Y schal sende pestilence in the myddis of you, and ye schulen be bitakun in the hondis of enemyes,

26 aftir that Y haue broke the staf of youre breed, so that ten wymmen bake looues in oon ouene, and yelde tho looues at weiyte; and ye schulen ete, and ye schulen not be fillid.

27 But if nethir bi these thingis ye heren me, but goon ayens me,

28 and Y schal go ayens you in contrarie woodnesse, and Y schal chastise you bi seuene veniaunces for youre synnes,

29 so that ye ete the fleischis of youre sones, and of youre douytris;

30 Y schal destrie youre hiye thingis, and Y schal breke youre symylacris; ye schulen falle bitwixe the fallyngis of your ydols, and my soule schal haue you abhomynable,

31 in so myche that Y turne youre citees in to wildirnesse, and make youre seyntuaries forsakun, nether Y schal resseyue more the swettest odour;

32 and Y schal destrye youre lond, and youre enemyes schulen be astonyed theronne, whanne thei schulen be enhabiters therof;

33 forsothe Y schal scatere you in to folkis, ether hethen men, and Y schal drawe out of the schethe the swerd aftir you, and youre lond schal be forsakun, and youre citees schulen be cast doun.

34 Thanne `hise sabatis schulen plese the erthe, in alle the daies of his wildirnesse; whanne ye ben in the lond of enemyes,

35 it schal `kepe sabat, and schal reste in the sabatis of his wildirnesse, for it restide not in youre sabatis, whanne ye dwelliden therynne.

36 And Y schal yyue drede in `the hertis of hem, whiche schulen abide of you, in the cuntreis of enemyes; the sown of a leef fleynge schal make hem aferd, and so thei schulen fle it as a swerd; thei schulen falle, while noon pursueth,

37 and alle schulen falle on her britheren, as fleynge bateils; no man of you schal be hardi to ayenstonde enemyes;

38 ye schulen perische among hethen men, and the lond of enemyes schal waaste you.

39 That if summe of these Jewes dwellen, thei schulen faile in her wickidnessis, in the lond of her enemyes, and thei schulen be turmentid for the synne of her fadris,

40 and for her owne synnes, til thei knoulechen her wickidnesses, and han mynde of her yuels, bi whiche thei trespassiden ayens me, and yeden contrarie to me.

41 Therfor and Y schal go ayens hem, and Y schal brynge hem in to the lond of enemyes, til the vncircumcidid soule of hem be aschamed; thanne thei schulen preie for her wickidnesses,

42 and Y schal haue mynde of my boond of pees, which Y couenauntide with Jacob, Ysaac, and Abraham; also Y schal be myndeful of the lond,

43 which, whanne it is left of hem, schal plese to it silf in `his sabatis, and schal suffre wildirnesse for hem; forsothe thei schulen preye for her synnes, for thei castiden awey my domes, and despyseden my lawis;

44 netheles, yhe, whanne thei weren in `the lond of enemyes, Y castide not hem awey outirli, nether Y dispiside hem, so that thei weren wastid, and that Y made voide my couenaunt with hem; for Y am the Lord God of hem.

45 And Y schal haue mynde of my formere boond of pees, whanne Y ledde hem out of the lond of Egipt, in the siyt of hethene men, that Y schulde be her God; Y am the Lord God. These ben the comaundementis, and domes, and lawis, whiche the Lord yaf bitwixe hym silf and bitwixe the sones of Israel, in the hil of Synay, bi the hond of Moises.

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