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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Leviticus

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Exodus Leviticus Numbers

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1 Forsothe whanne the eiytithe dai was maad, Moises clepide Aaron, and hise sones, and the grettere men in birthe of Israel;

2 and he seide to Aaron, Take thou of the droue a calf for synne, and a ram `in to brent sacrifice, euer either with oute wem, and offre tho bifor the Lord.

3 And thou schalt speke to the sones of Israel, Take ye a buk of geet for synne, and a calf, and a lomb of o yeer and with out wem,

4 in to brent sacrifice, an oxe and a ram for pesible thingis; and offre ye tho bifor the Lord, and offre ye whete flour spreynt with oile in the sacrifice of ech; for to dai the Lord schal appere to you.

5 Therfor thei token alle thingis, whiche Moises comaundide, to the dore of the tabernacle, where, whanne al the multitude stood,

6 Moises seide, This is the word, which the Lord comaundide, do ye, and his glorie schal appere to you.

7 And Moises seide to Aaron, Neiye thou to the auter, and offre thou for thi synne; offre thou brent sacrifice, and preye for thee, and for the puple; and whanne thou hast slayn the sacrifice of the puple, preye thou for hem, as the Lord comaundide.

8 And anoon Aaron neiyede to the auter, and offride a calf for his synne;

9 whos blood hise sones offriden to him, in which blood he dippide the fyngur, and touchide the hornes of the auter, and schedde the residue at the foundement therof;

10 and he brente on the auter the ynnere fatnesse, and litle reynes, and the calle of the mawe, as the Lord comaundide to Moises.

11 Forsothe he brente bi fier without the castels the fleischis and skyn therof.

12 And he offride the beeste of brent sacrifice, and hise sones offriden to hym the blood therof, which he schedde bi the cumpas of the auter;

13 thei offriden also thilke sacrifice kit in to gobetis, with the heed, and alle membris; and he brente bi fier alle these thingis on the auter,

14 whanne the entrailis and feet weren waischun bifor with watir.

15 And he offride and killide a buk of geet, for the synne of the puple; and whanne the auter was clensid,

16 he made brent sacrifice,

17 and addide in to the sacrifice fletynge offryngis that ben offrid togidere; and he brente tho on the auter, without cerymonyes of brent sacrifice of the morewtid.

18 He offride also an oxe, and a ram, pesible sacrifices of the puple; and hise sones offriden to hym the blood, which he schedde bi the cumpas of the auter.

19 Forsothe thei puttiden on the brestis the ynnere fatnesse of the oxe, and the tail of the ram, and the litle reynes with her fatnessis, and the calle of the mawe.

20 And whanne the ynnere fatnessis weren brent in the auter,

21 Aaron departide the brestis, and the riyt schuldris of tho, and reiside bifor the Lord, as Moises comaundide.

22 And he streiyte forth hondis to the puple, and blesside it; and so whanne the sacrifices for synne, and brent sacrifices, and pesible sacrifices, weren fillid, he cam doun.

23 Sotheli Moyses and Aaron entriden in to the tabernacle of witnessyng, and yeden out aftirward, and blessiden the puple; and the glorie of the Lord apperide to al the multitude.

24 And lo! fier yede out fro the Lord, and deuouride the brent sacrifice, and the ynnere fatnesses that weren on the auter; and whanne the cumpanyes hadden seyn this thing, thei preiseden the Lord, `and felden on her faces.

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