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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Exodus

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Genesis Exodus Leviticus

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1 These ben the domes, whiche thou schalt sette forth to hem.

2 If thou biest an Ebrew seruaunt, he schal serue thee sixe yeer; in the seuenthe yeer he schal go out fre,

3 with out prijs; with what maner clooth he entride, with siche clooth go he out; if he entride hauynge a wijf, and the wijf schal go out to gidere.

4 But if the lord of the servaunt yaf a wijf to hym, and sche childide sones and douytris, the womman and hir children schulen be hir lordis; sotheli the seruaunt schal go out with his owne clooth.

5 That if the seruaunt seith, Y loue my lord, and wijf, and children, Y schal not go out fre;

6 the lord brynge hym to goddis, that is, iugis; and he schal be set to the dore, and postis; and the lord schal perse his eere with a nal, and he schal be seruaunt to hym til in to the world.

7 If ony man sillith his douyter in to seruauntesse, sche schal not go out as handmaidis weren wont to go out;

8 if sche displesith in the iyen of hir lord, to whom sche was bitakun, he schal delyuere hir; sotheli he schal not haue power to sille hir to an alien puple, if he forsakith hir.

9 Forsothe if he weddith hir to his sonne, he schal do to hir `bi the custom of douytris;

10 that if he takith another womman to hym, he schal puruey to the damysele weddingis, and clothis, and he schal not denye the prijs of chastite.

11 If he doith not these thre, sche schal go out freli without money.

12 He that smytith a man, and wole sle, die bi deeth;

13 forsothe if a man settide not aspies, but God `bitook hym in to hise hondis, Y schal ordeyne a place to thee, whidur he owith to fle.

14 If ony man sleeth his neiybore bi biforecastyng, and bi aspies, drawe thou hym awey fro myn auter, that he die.

15 He that smytith his fadir, ether modir, die by deeth.

16 He that cursith his fadir, ether modir, die bi deeth.

17 He that stelith a man, and sillith hym, if he is conuyt of the gilt, die bi deeth.

18 If men chiden, and the tother smyte his neiybore with a stoon, ether with the fist, and he is not deed, but liggith in the bed,

19 if he risith, and goith forth on his staf, he that smoot schal be innocent; so netheles that he restore hise trauelis, and costis in lechis.

20 He that smytith his seruaunt, ether handmayde, with a yerde, and thei ben deed in hise hondis, schal be gilti of cryme.

21 Sotheli if the seruaunt ouerlyueth o dai, ether tweyne, he schal not be suget to peyne, `that is of deeth, for the seruaunt is his catel.

22 If men chiden, and a man smytith a womman with childe, and sotheli makith the child deed borun, but the womman ouerlyueth, he schal be suget to the harm, as myche as the `hosebonde of the womman axith, and the iugis demen.

23 But if the deeth of hir sueth,

24 he schal yelde lijf for lijf, iye for iye, tooth for tooth, hond for hond, foot for foot,

25 brennyng for brennyng, wounde `with schedyng of blood for wounde `with schedyng of blood, `a wan wounde for a wan wounde.

26 If a man smytith the iye of his seruaunt, ethir of handmaide, and makith hem oon iyed, he schal delyuere hem fre for `the iye which he puttide out.

27 Also if he smytith out a tooth fro his seruaunt, ethir handmaide, in lijk maner he schal delyuere hem fre.

28 If an oxe smytith with horn a man, ether a womman, and thei ben deed, the oxe schal be oppressid with stoonus, and hise fleischis schulen not be etun, and the lord of the oxe schal be innocent.

29 That if the oxe was `a pultere with horn fro yisterdai and the thridde dai ago, and men warneden `the lord of hym, nether the lord closide hym, and he sleeth a man, ethir womman, bothe the oxe schal be oppressid with stoonus, and thei schulen sle `the lord of hym;

30 that if prijs is put to the lord, he schal yyue for his lijf what euer he is axide.

31 And if he smytith with horn a son, and a douytir, he schal be suget to lijk sentence.

32 If the oxe asailith a seruaunt, and handmaide, the lord of the oxe schal yyue thretti siclis of siluer to `his lord; forsothe the oxe schal be oppressid with stoonus.

33 If ony man openeth a cisterne, and diggith, and hilith it not, and an oxe ether asse fallith in to it,

34 the lord of the cisterne schal yelde the prijs of the werk beestis; forsothe that that is deed schal be his.

35 If another mannus oxe woundith the oxe of another man, and he is deed, thei schulen sille the quyke oxe, and thei schulen departe the prijs; forsothe thei schulen departe bitwixe hem the karkeis of the deed oxe.

36 Forsothe if his lord wiste, that the oxe was a puttere fro yistirdai and the thridde dai ago, and kepte not him, he schal yelde oxe for oxe, and he schal take the hool carkeys.

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